The First American World Champion In Chess – Bobby Fischer

World Chess Championship

Legendary chess player Bobby Fischer died in Icelandic Reykjavik on January 17, 2008 at the age of 64 years for liver disease.

Chicago – March 9 Legendary American chess grand master Bobby Fischer should be 75 on Friday 9 March. His starring moment came in 1972 when he became the first American chess player in the world champion. He spoke to Russian Grand Master Boris Spas sky, who represented the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Bobby Fischer

The historical chess duel between the young Fischer and the already established chess master Spas sky had a significant political dimension at the time, which is referred to as the Cold War. The match was written as a meeting of a big Russian bear with a young American wolf. The victory of the Fischer, some of the Western media at that time, was characterized as the victory of democracy over totalitarianism. At the time of the peak of his chess career, many Fischer experts considered themselves the most universal chess player of all time. According to them, the Fischer game was characterized by precision, agility and admirable elegance.

Bobby Fischer, full name Robert James Fischer was born on 9 March 1943 in Chicago. He grew up in a family without a father, and he was educated by his six-year-old sister, and last but not least, the street. The mother, who was the single parent of the family, changed jobs and the family was often on the brink of poverty. The chess was a small Fischer’s escape from a tough life. As early as 13 years in 1956 he won the junior chess championship of the United States of America (USA) and a year later became the youngest US chess champion. In 1958, the world’s 15-year-old Fischer was the youngest chess master in history.

In the second half of the 1960s Fischer was one of the world’s best chess players. He won most of the world tournaments and participated in four Chess Olympiads, with 65 games, 40 of which won, 18 draw and only 7 games. In 1972, the eight-time US chess master became the first American chess player to win the title of World Champion. He fought in Icelandic Reykjav√≠k, where he overcame the Spas ski master.

But Fischer was not only a chess genius but also a very complicated character and controversial opinions. In 1975 he refused to defend the title of world champion. He explained his decision by failing to comply with all the terms of the International Chess Federation that he had set before the defense. And so, in April 1975, Russian (then Soviet) chess player Anatole Kirov was declared without a fight for the new world champion.

On the international chess scene, Fischer returned after a long pause in 1992 when he accepted the offer from Boris Spas sky. The duel took place in the former Yugoslavia, which marked the fate of the brilliant chess. The American Grandmaster won, but he paid for it. The US authorities accused him of violating the embargo against Yugoslavia and tax evasion. He was threatened with a high fine and a ten-year prison, and he did not return to the US. He lived alternately in Hungary, the Philippines and Japan. In December 2003, they stripped Fischer of American citizenship. For illegal entry into the country, he was arrested and deported to the Tokyo immigration center on 13 July 2004. In the Japanese prison he spent eight months. They surrendered it on 24 March 2005 and allowed the country to leave despite the US request for its release.

The life story of a miraculous child of American chess was attributed not only to many publishers who wrote various biographical books, but also American film Hollywood. On film screens in 2014 appeared the picture Pawn sacrifice, in which the chess was performed by American actor Tobey Maguire.

Legendary chess player Bobby Fischer died in Icelandic Reykjavik on January 17, 2008 at the age of 64 years for liver disease.

Bobby Fischer

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