Essential Information About Yeast Infection In Women  

According to reliable statistics, it has been estimated that seven out of ten women suffer from different types of female yeast infection symptoms at least once in their life. The tendency of yeast infection invasion in females is greater than when compared to men. The main reason behind this fact is that the body structure of men and women is different in most cases. Women have a moist and warm body structure, which gives an opportunity for a yeast infection to spread quickly and affect the body.
 There is a special type of fungus known as Candida Albanians, which is largely contributed to spreading yeast infection in women. This type of yeast infection the tendency of multiplying within the body and then makes the person a victim of this dangerous type of fungal infection. The most common symptoms in women include;

  •    Sensation of acute pain during intercourse
  •    During the time of discharge
  •    Redness of vaginal area
  •    Soreness
  •    Itching

With the passage of time if these symptoms are not dealt they can become complex and severe.

The causes of yeast infection in women are mainly due to an abnormal change in the hormonal pH of the vagina during menopause, menstruation and pregnancy. The growth of Candida receives a high boost during these periods and can lead to several issues. The other causes can be linked with a weak immune system and a course of antibiotics. Using a special type of contraceptive pill can be one of the causes too. If women also have diabetes, the symptoms can become quite complex and difficult to deal with if left unattended for a long period.

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It is a misconception that the causes of female yeast infection are linked with sexually transmitted diseases. Scientific and medical evidence can establish this link but in most of the women who suffer from fungal growth might transfer it to their partner in the manner of yeast infection, which is different from the sexually transmitted disease. Natural cure can help in getting the best results without any type of side effects. But it is very important to consult a doctor before starting any type of treatment. There are few natural treatments for uti relief, which can be done along with any other type of medical treatment too.

The best medical cure lies in the usage of anti-fungal drugs and creams which are prescribed by a doctor. The treatments are prescribed by the doctor keeping in mind the medical history and the condition of the symptoms of the yeast infection in women.

The cure for vaginal yeast infection symptoms lies in the application of natural elements such as tea tree oil, honey, garlic and yogurt. All of these natural substances include those ingredients, which are responsible for stopping the growth of fungus and eliminating the symptoms.

The results can be achieved with the help of Goldenseal and Machinate herb. These are rare but strongly effective herbs, which can counter most skin-related issues. Tea tree oil and supplements for uti can help in curing yeast infection as well. Both of the elements carry anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can be used according to the type of yeast infection symptoms.

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