Interview With Numerologist Will You Keep A Relationship

Numbers do not disappoint, but if we do not understand them, we can hardly wait to give us the answer. With the numerologist Katrina councilman, we talked about the importance of numbers in relationships and about exaggerated expectations – numbers and relationships.  

No meeting is a coincidence. Do you agree?

Not only do I agree, I am convinced do not exist. There are only situations that we will use or not to use.

How can numbers help us find love? 

Very under the line of numbers is hidden many. If people would understand a number of secrets a little more, they would come up with many disappointments, pains and misunderstandings in their lives. They would also understand the partners in the sense that they know what to expect from them and what their communication language is.


All right, he’ll tell me. How can I continue to work with this data?

I know that when there is mutual sympathy and there is a spark, one can hardly admit that numbers do not meet his expectations. On the other hand, it is useful when a person manages numerology controls and knows how to rough out what can be expected from a given relationship, what the relationship is capable of enriching.

Is it really worth it? Is that simple too?

It is simple. I also lead my lecturers on numerology courses. I teach their basic calculations, the characteristics of the numbers. By doing so, they are able to discover the potential of man, his nature and his attributes. What he has and what he does not have. The numbers are the encoded psyche of an individual, whether they are emotionally strong or hypersensitive, as well as their short-term and long-term life roles.

In partnerships, the numbers show us what people agree on, what they are talking about, and whether they will strive to achieve the same goal in life. By reversing the dates, one can also find out what their common life is, and what the bundle can bring them. There are specific numerologist procedures. On this basis, I know exactly how to match partner and disagreement.

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But what if the disagreement comes out?

I always say to people that they have two options to do it. The first option is that I can accept that fact. That’s when there’s a lot of love, because then we can be sorry for everything and we’re identifying with a partner. We take him as he is. These people do not have a problem because they are in a situation of reconciliation. The second option is already a problem.

Either I’m going to deal with it or deal with my partner, the third variant, unfortunately, is not. Because if people do not want to be stressed, and in the future they are even more distracting or muttering, it does not make sense to stay in a dysfunctional relationship regardless of whether it is a short-term or long-term relationship.

So you suggest that it is a mistake to passively pass only the number

I’m not a divorcee nor a gauge, I always try to look for a positive relationship in this relationship, not just focus on negatives. Look for a way to solve, not the reason for leaving. I try to explain to people where they are strong and where the weakness of their partner and their own. What they can expect from a partner, and not by chance.

Of curiosity, when the personal numbers of both partners are identical, is it the ideal?

Not only is this not ideal, it is even unsatisfactory. These people are able to match their minds, but they do not have a chance to submit. Then they live as siblings, not as living partners. They perceive and think the same way. In a relationship, it is important for the guy to be energetically stronger, he was able to support a woman to be able to support him. But when they have the same numbers, it’s like they did not have to bother with each other.

With different numbers, we can exchange the energy. But you know when you have pears, and I happen to have the same pear variety that we would exchange with each other … Then there is disappointment, because a woman expects a man more than he is able to give. Not how he can give, but how he can give.

In a relationship, it is always good when the man is energetically stronger. He is more active, more resolute, able to keep his head cold. Partners should have shared paths. When one pulls the orchid and the other hat, it is hard to find a common solution. The guy should be spiritually older.

Can the spiritual age also be counted? 

Yes, it can be done. Numerology is not related to our physical body but soul. It should also be noted that spiritual maturity is unrelated to the age. It may happen that a woman, even though she is physically younger for several years, is spiritually older. A spiritually advanced individual is the one who solves the situation. If she is a spiritually older woman, she does not feel the support of her partner. He perceives him as an adult child, frustrated by unfulfilled expectations, mentally and physically tired, and burns out of it.

Is not numerologist data a bit like “speculative” genes? Can a person who has the assumptions in the numbers to be lazy, even in the circumstances, is a complete opposite? Can it happen that he does not develop this assumption?

Numerology does not know good and bad numbers. Personalization depends mainly on education. You know, every number has a back and a face, just like a coin. When we talk specifically about laziness, the opposite is hard work. And this is comprised in the number four.

If a person gets positive, if he sees the sense, he has a fixed aim and direction, he will be hardworking. But if that goal is not, it is not supported and understood, it does not mean that it is lazy, but it manifests itself. It is enough to find something for a fire, and it will appear to be hardworking, even a workhorse. That is why you always have to look at the person’s setting, what attitude he has to live.



Do not you feel like you’re already serving a psychologist?

Numerology is in its own way psychology, but through those numbers. The numerologist gets to the core of problems through numbers, while the psychologist through the questions asked.

Curiosity is typically a female feature, but the exact number of numbers is closer to men. Who’s following you more often for advice?

Women are 90 percent behind me. They are more emotionally tuned and they are more concerned with dealing with relationship problems. I do not mean to point out that men do not address these problems, but women are more concerned and deeper. Men tend to do it in their own right, to consult without any help. When gentlemen come after me, they are mostly people who deal with working relationships, not personal.

I often come to the course people with a calculator. Numerology is to some extent a mathematician, it has its own rules. No more than quantity refers to the quality of numbers. For today’s rational power-oriented world only looks at quantity. The Spiritual World sees the strength of the number. On what is capable of giving the intangible dimension.

I do not want to touch you, but many people think numerology as a charlatan. What do you think?

Numerology is actually quite well-known today, and it is also its past. Often, sciences such as astrology or numerology have been abused for government purposes. The scholars were expected to speak only what the people want to hear.

The second reason is that there are too many fast-paced professionals in numerology today, they make two or three courses and are already in a big talk. We see this often in the media where people who do not understand this issue give advice. And then these people are making numerology a bad name.

None of us would doubt to question Pythagoras’s sentence. We have it already in our blood. Few people know that Pythagoras is considered to be the father and founder of numerology. If we believe one, we can trust the other.


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