What are the Major Causes of Weight Loss?

The weight loss is not a problematic thing if it is reducing as a result of some efforts like strenuous exercises or after following some diet plans. Even weight loss is common among women after the period of pregnancy. But if your weight is declining and if the reason is unknown, then a serious notice is required. Here certain common causes are described that may enhance weight loss.

  • Too much depressing circumstances that cause stress and depression and prolonged anxiety can also be a cause of weight loss.
  • Sudden weight loss can also appear as a preliminary symptom of various chronic diseases like cancer, tuberculosis or Parkinson’s disease etc.
  • Weight loss can also be due to some chronic infection in your body.
  • Severe drugs that one may get due to addiction issue or to cure some disease, this can also help in shedding weight. Weight loss during chemotherapy is quite common.
  • If a person is severely suffering from addiction of certain dangerous drugs that may result in excessive ingestion of drugs like cocaine can also cause weight loss.
  • Some digestive system issues can also be a significant reason like prolonged diarrhea reduces the amount of nutrients absorbed from our diet, so reduces the weight of our body.
  • If diabetic patient is not aware of his disease definitely he’ll not get the treatment. Diabetes if not cured properly can cause weight loss.
  • If the thyroid gland stops its normal function, then this can create some related side effects.
  • Cancer is also a form of severe infection in our body in which the cells start an abnormal growth. The early symptoms of this disease also include fatigue and weight loss.
  • If your body is not getting the required level of nutrients then this might cause a sudden reduction in the weight. This condition is often termed as malnutrition.
  • Some ill habits like excessive smoking can also be a major cause of weight loss. Just like smoking addiction of alcohol or related drugs can also cause weight loss.
  • Some chronic pulmonary diseases may also create health issues and result in weight loss.
  • If you are suffering from any gastrointestinal ailments then this will play a major role in weight loss.
  • Some parasites are actually important for your intestinal health, but there are some parasites that enter into your body through unhealthy food and they actually digest all important nutrients from your digested food that result in weight loss.
  • If you are doing some excessive workout sessions, then you need meal regularly after frequent intervals of time. If you’ll follow this strategy this may cause severe loss in your body fat.
  • Any sort of disease that is related to the heart or lungs can also be a common reason. The heart is the main engine that runs our bodies so it should be kept well maintained and healthy, in other case this can be really troublesome and weight loss is the most common issue among them.

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