What are the Best Fruits for Weight Loss?

If you are planning out some strategy to lose weight the first fear that strikes your mind is that you have to stop yourself from eating your favorite food. You have to control your appetite. At this very moment the craving for food naturally gets enhanced. Now if you are a fruit lover then you do not need to kill your craving for your favorite fruit flavor. Yes, there are several fruits that can help you in losing weight and even your craving for fruit will also be satisfied.


Several studies revealed that grapefruit is best for losing some extra fat. It is said to burn almost 18 pounds and requires 10 weeks for that. Surprisingly grapefruit yields result without any change in your routine diet.


Apples also play effective role in shedding off your excessive weight. This fruit should be incorporated in your daily diet because it is rich in iron and fiber, but at the same time it’s less caloric so helps in losing weight.


Bananas provide a very healthy, but less fattening diet. It satisfies your appetite and along with that it also helps in maintaining your body weight. This is very good for the health of your heart and immune system. Daily one banana should be taken at breakfast. Banana shake is also an energetic drink.


Just like other fruits strawberry is also a healthy option to enhance your fiber uptake and reduce the calorie uptake. It easily satisfies your craving and act as a sweetener yet it just contains a feeble amount of sugar. It is a healthy snack to be taken before you carry out your workout sessions.


Coconut is also very good for the proper functioning of your liver. Coconut contains such triglycerides that trigger the rate of metabolism of the liver, so effectively help with your weight loss issue. Coconut is also good for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland.


Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C. It also contains a special amino that aids in shedding away the fat. It speeds up the process of weight loss.


All types of fruits that have a low carbohydrate content is always very good for fat burning. Peach is also from this category. As this has low carbohydrate content so it is found effective in expel the bad cholesterol from the body that actually helps in losing weight.


They are an efficient source that generates minerals and vitamins that are good for your health. If dates along with some fresh fruits given above are taken regularly in your daily diet then this can effectively shed off your extra weight.


Fruits that are rich in water like watermelon are also good in reducing weight as the excessive water content of watermelon reduces your appetite for more food and this strategy may work in losing extra fat.

The various fruits that are listed above are very healthy and can play a very active role in dealing with the problems due to your bulky body.

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