What Are The Bad Effects of Alcoholism Development?

What Are The Bad Effects of Alcoholism Development

The insidiousness of any alcohol is that for most people gradually and imperceptibly self-indulgence turns into a habit and a habit into a disease – alcoholism when a person not only loses control over his addiction but this addiction completely takes over and destroys it. The development of alcoholism is the transition of habit into illness many do not notice and do not have time to pull themselves together to stop and prevent the destruction of the soul and body. Moreover, many even severe alcoholics do not consider themselves as such.

At the same time if you objectively assess your drinking regime in a timely manner everyone can relatively easily prevent trouble. The first signs of incipient alcoholism are as follows:

  • Frequent desire to drink a lot and get drunk
  • The habit of relieving stress in case of any problems with the help of alcohol
  • Changes in behavior when drinking alcohol a person becomes noisy aggressive
  • Acceptance of alcoholic beverages regardless of the time of day – in the morning afternoon evening readiness to accept in almost any situation – at work in case of a chance meeting on the street
  • The habit of drinking begins to be noticed by others
  • There are problems at home and at work associated with the habit of drinking.

Alcoholism is a disease that develops gradually. They drink intoxicated in different ways. Developed alcoholism is a very serious disease that requires the help of specialist doctors and is very difficult but amenable to treatment.

Use of Alcohol

Alcohol can kill people immediately or gradually. These are those fatal accidents in everyday life production transport 80% of which in our country are associated with the use of alcohol. Alcohol changes behavior and consciousness therefore while drunk people fall under cars freeze on the street kill each other and climb into a noose. Alcohol turns off the human level of consciousness and turns a person into an animal. In a trivial conflict, a drunk without hesitation can kill relatives loved one’s friends. After stabbing a drinking companion he calmly goes to the store for an additional half liter of wine.

Alcoholic Intoxication

In some situations even small doses are lethal. A drunk mug of beer in a healthy person subjectively does not cause a feeling of intoxication. But if it is subjected to a special examination the devices will record a slowdown in the reaction by only a few fractions of a second. But these fractions of a second lead to the driver losing tens of meters of stopping distance in an emergency on the road. As a result the statistics irrefutably testify that the majority of young men who died from injuries in accidents at the time of death were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

In 2005 about 36 thousand people died from poisoning with alcohol and its substitutes in 2006 – already 40 thousand and another 42 thousand died as a result of injuries most of which were also associated with alcohol consumption. In 2007 89 thousand people died directly from excessive alcohol consumption in the USA.

Disorders and Diseases

Gradually alcohol kills through various disorders and diseases. Strong alcoholic beverages getting into the digestive system at first cause a chemical burn of the esophagus and stomach mucosa to one degree or another. This burn is of course weaker than the burn from the acid drunk. But this burn is repeated many times over the course of a number of years. As a result, the mucous membrane of the digestive tract atrophies the absorption and deposition of vitamins microelements and other essential nutrient compounds are impaired. Against the background of atrophy of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach ulcerative changes develop first and then a cancerous tumor may appear.


The biochemistry of even very high-quality alcohol in the body is simple. 90% of it is “filtered” by the liver where it is converted into acetaldehyde a highly toxic substance. Acetic aldehyde damages the cell walls and destroys the organ cells themselves. Alcohol slowly but surely destroys the liver damages the pancreas damages the heart lowers immunity leads to impotence and other sexual problems. The old truth is that alcohol arouses desire but at the same time reduces the ability to fulfill it.

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