The Truth Behind Manifesting Your Desires

Manifesting Your Desires

Do you feel as if you are wandering through life without a destination in mind? Are you disappointed about how your efforts have gone without success? While many answer yes to these questions, there are only a few who know the key to making their dreams come true. What is their secret? They practice the skills we all have the ability to do, self-reflection and creating or manifesting what you want out of life. These inherent abilities can help you fashion your own destiny. How do they work? Here is some insight into how you can practice them and gain the truth behind changing your life.


When discussing how to “get through” life’s challenges or how to be more resilient, it is essential that you use self-reflection–a fundamental element of manifesting your desires. Self-reflection requires you look within to understand your innermost thoughts and feelings, and how you react to others and the world around you. Do you ever feel as if your life is an aimless voyage, fraught with challenges you are ill-equipped to handle? You are not alone. It’s easy to go through life not giving a second thought to how you respond to situations. However, the truth is you can handle these challenges and remove them from your life if you look within.

It is in your power to change the course of your journey. Simply slow down and take time out to consider your thought and feelings. An excellent method for practicing self-reflection that allows you to visualize your inner self is to write your thoughts and feelings down. There are several reasons you should practice self-reflection and how they can help you connect with yourself, and thus, create a positive mindset.

Self-reflection can help you to do the following:

  • Make sense of things
  • Uncover answers
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Recognize change and track progress
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Inspire self-acceptance
  • Live with more purpose

Law of Attraction

Living your life with more purpose is the foundation of the law of attraction (LOA), the second factor in living out your dreams. The LOA states that whatever can be imagined and accepted in the mind’s eye is achievable, providing you take action toward your desired goals. Living life with a doom and gloom outlook will only bring about negative elements. Having positive thoughts and a purposeful attitude will produce a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Creating and realizing the life you envision is in your control through your choices and actions.


What is manifesting? It is the combination of self-reflection and the laws of attraction. Whatever it is you are seeking, enriching your life can be accomplished using your own energy. You can be in intentional and create what you want.

For centuries, Eastern medicine has focused on the importance of one’s energy and how it is responsible for a person’s overall well-being and life fulfillment. Healing one’s mindset through self-reflection (understanding what is going on within) is necessary to manifest your desires (what is happening in your life).

Taking your positive energy and thinking about what it is you want will manifest itself. If you believe you will fail at something, chances are you will. If you know you will succeed, you will do so. And although we all have the innate ability, many are resistant to manifesting. They have doubts or fears that prevent their desires from coming true. Once resistance is eliminated, manifesting can start to take place.

There are a few steps to manifesting, with promoting your feelings being the most crucial one. Your energy puts out a message into the universe and will bring back to you equal energy. If you exude negativity, you will find your life filled with negative people, experiences, and outcomes. Positive energy will bring optimistic, encouraging, and affirming people and positive experiences and outcomes. Be clear with yourself about your feelings, make decisions, and take actions to support these feelings. Always be mindful and appreciative of the abundance in your life, even during your weakest moments.

Once you embrace these concepts and incorporate them into your daily life, you will find harmony and joy reigning over any discord and unhappiness.

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