Top 5 Thrilling Treks in HIMALAYAS

Trekking-In himaliya

The Himalayas always offers serene beauty with lots of thrill and excitement. The mountains always challenge trekkers to conquer them bypassing the toughest trails and dangerous hikes.

Here, are some of the thrilling adventures that are on the bucket list of every trekker:


The wildest and dangerous treks in the Himalayas that will thrill and excitement at the same time. Chadar Trek is a walk on the Frozen Zanskar River, walking on a thick sheet of ice is a thought which gives goosebumps. The trek starts from Leh and the trail takes you through so many rocky mountains, colorful rock formations, frozen waterfalls, and tiny Zanskari hamlets. Adding a thrill to your adventure is the temperature here remains in -20 degrees. You will also get an opportunity to explore the culture of Leh and Ladakh. Chadar Trek attracts thousands of avid trekkers every year that undertakes this frozen challenge. Chadar happens only once in a year in the months of January and February.


Stok Kangri is another Himalayan adventure that is a challenging one. The trek starts from the Ladakh region and includes trekking, steep climbing through snow patches, rocky mountains that can leave you breathless. The Stok kangri Peak offers the entire view of the Zanskar and the Indus Valley. The peak is located in the Hemis National Park. This high altitude trek requires a lot of stamina, physical and mental fitness, and strength. The best season to do this trek is in winter when the Himalayas are all snow-covered and offers great panoramic views. This trek also gives a chance to get an insight into the Ladakhi culture.


With the spiritual aura of Sikkim and trekking to high altitude peak Goecha la (15,100ft) is an adventure to do. Goecha la trek offers amazing views of 16 peaks, snow-covered Himalayas, ravishing sunsets & sunrises, Himalayan forests, verdant meadows, gushing rivers, rhododendrons that will make you fall in love with this trek. Sikkim is the place where the trek begins, the holy spiritual place has its own charm. You will see the enchanting beauty of verdant valleys, alluring orchards, rich variety of flora and fauna, and a great ambiance that attracts a lot of tourists every year.  The trek offers captivating views of Mount Pandim, Kabru, Rohtang, and the massive snow-covered Kanchenjunga with green landscapes, and serene beauty all around.


Here comes one of the toughest trek in the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Kalindi Pass is a high altitude mountain pass that connects Gangotri and Gastoli. It is located at an altitude of 5,920m and is a popular trekking destination in the Himalayas. The trek commences from takes you through many small beautiful lakes, glaciers, snowfields, and valleys. From Gangotri, the trek will take you to Vasuki Tal and ends at the holy place Badrinath. Kalindikhal trek offers majestic views of Shivling, Meru, Kedar, Kamet, Mana, and Abhi Gamin. You will holy vibes throughout the climb. It is a high glacial trek that demands strength, stamina, and survival in sub-zero temperatures.  You will get an amazing experience of trekking and camping in the snow. The best time to do this trek is in summers from Mid-June to Mid-September.


The Pin Parbati is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 5,319m and known as the toughest trekking destination in India. The whole trek is of 100km and can be covered in 15 days. The trek will take you through the lush green meadows, scenic mountains, and alluring passes. Pin Parvati trek commences from Manali and passes by so many small villages like Manikaran, Barshaini, Thakur Kuan, Kheerganga, Mantalai, etc. Trek and explore the villages, take a dip into the hot springs of Kheerganga, dense forests of oaks and rhododendrons, snow-covered peaks, glaciers, grazing pastures, and a lot more. The trail passes through the Pin Valley National Park which has a great variety of flora and fauna. You will spot some snow leopards and Himalayan birds. Pin Parvati Pass requires a lot of strength and stamina.


The Himalayas have a lot to offer and always with the name of Lord Shiva. Shivling trek is a most spiritual trek in the Garhwal Himalayas. The Shivling Peak is perched at an elevation of 6,543m and it is one of the sacred peaks in the Himalayas. Shivling base camp trek is the most challenging trek and the trail takes you through the steep of curvy, rocky, and bumpy paths. The treks begin from Gangotri and go beyond to the base of Kirtibamak, and Kedardome. Experience the scenic views of Bhagirathi (I&II), Mt. Meru, Mt. Kedardome, and Sathopanth. The alluring lake is located in Gaumukh which is considered as the source of Bhagirathi River. Spend some time in the land of Shiva Bhoomi and feel peace.

All these thrilling treks are popular in the Himalayas. These are only for experienced trekkers who know trekking skills. Adventure always demands a positive mental attitude that helps in conquering.

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