Top 5 Things to do in Dubai


Being one of the most lovable travel destinations in the world Dubai is a perfect balance between modern lifestyle and cultural history, it is famous for its beautiful sites, modern architecture and rich shopping experiences. Staying and traveling in Dubai is unmatched and is a complete package for a splendid vacation with the finest luxury hotels with wonderful sites, scrumptious cuisines and many more.

A vacation at Dubai is phenomenal as one can do so many thrilling adventures like pinnacle BASE jump from the world’s tallest building, Dune Bashing, Fly board, and sea breacher. In addition to these astounding activities, there are a ton of other things that make Dubai such a popular choice. Since there are so many countless things a person can do. Here are a few things that have to be in the bucket list especially for those visiting Dubai for the first time.

  1. Experience luxury living like never before:

There are many fascinating things about traveling in Dubai such as its skyscrapers but the best part is staying at world famous luxury hotels. Hotels in Dubai are known for providing top-notch services. However, these services depend upon the choice of the individual to book any hotel as per his/her interest. In order to safeguard your wallet, one must have a good research plan before staying in any luxurious hotel. For ease of individual one should look of various deals and offers before making any decision. If some are new to this one should try out tajawal travel offer by which any individual can get the best travel packages with the lowest price and discount deals.  While booking from Tajawal you can also grab many hotel discounts so that you enjoy a comfortable stay and travel offers and coupons to fly with the lowest expenditures.

  1. Get ready for the most amazing all in one destination:

Taking entertainment to a whole another level at Atlantis; The Palm introduced a brand new complex in which one can enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities. Along with these, there are restaurants, adult’s bar and a terrace with swings and an open-air stage. Here both adults and kids can relax enjoy food, play different games and adventures all at one place which makes it idol for vacations.

  1. Fashionable Dubai:

Since Dubai is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world there are a lot of factors that speak for Dubai’s charm; famous places, hotels, activities but there is one more factor behind the beauty of Dubai and that is fashion. The people of Dubai are very much familiar with the fashion trends and styles. The fashion carried out in Dubai is really popular in the world of fashion. In order to get as fashionable as Dubai is you can check out Namshi online clothing store in Dubai that has many wardrobe choices from latest trends in the world and in the country plus you can avail discounts available on various clothing items and accessories.

  1. Mouth Watering Cuisine:

No trip is ever complete without trying out the famous food of that place and especially in a place like Dubai where there are amazing cuisines that will only make you crave for it even more. The Middle –Eastern country is the home of some of the popular cuisines like Iranian Sangak, Manousheh, Chelo Kebab and Al Harees that are loved worldwide. After coming to Dubai one must try these food items at least once. There are many famous restaurants in Dubai that serves these items along with other famous as well as the traditional food of Dubai.

  • 360-degree Sightseeing:

Sightseeing in Dubai is a completely different experience altogether as there are so many phenomenal places to visit plus some of these sites are touching the sky whereas some are underwater. It is only in Dubai that you will find the world’s tallest skyscraper and an underwater aquarium. Along with these, there are theme parks lakes and beaches to go to. Traveling from one spot to another can be exhausting especially when you are unaware about the route. You can book a local city rides like Uber in such situation. Uber is convenient as you just have to book the cab and then it will pick you up from whatever your location is and drop you at your exact destination. You can use Uber promo codes to get discounts on fare so that you can travel wherever inside Dubai.

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