Tips to Prepare and Recover for Water Damage in New York City

Every year the material damage caused by the water cost billions of dollars to the owners, tenants as well as insurance companies. The most common damages are caused by problems with the pipes, tubs, toilets, broken pipes, showers, rain, broken washing machines and frozen pipe breaks. You can minimize the severity of damage caused by water if you take preventive measures and follow the due process of cleaning.

Preparedness Tips

Take these steps to protect your home from water damage;

  • If you are going on a holiday, disconnect water supply to reduce the likelihood of flooding caused by washing machines and frozen pipe breaks.
  • In cold season, let some water out of the pipe constantly to prevent pipeline breaks.
  • Clean the external channels to prevent damage to the roof or overflow channels.
  • Make an inspection at least once a year of the hose connections and appliances that use water.

Safety Tips

  • Do not enter rooms with ceiling fans that are not securely fastened because water has accumulated them.
  • Do your best to not use appliances that may have been damaged by fire, heat or water.
  • Do not use equipment or electrical appliances while you are standing on wet carpet or floor.
  • Try not to use the television and other appliances while you are standing on wet carpet or floor, above all if the floor is concrete.
  • If there is still electricity, do not enter the rooms where there is standing water.

Tips for Recovering

  • You must get professional help immediately. Timely care and proper cleaning can help prevent further water damage and growth of bacteria and mold.
  • In the rooms where the ceiling is not sunk, but only wet, remove the equipment or fixtures so that the wet wiring can dry.
  • Remove possible excess of water with a mop, open the books wet to dry, clean wood furniture items until they are dry and place the wet pads horizontally to dry evenly.

Tips for Spill Water

  • If there is water spill from an open faucet, after closing, collect water immediately using highly absorbent tissue like towels or tea towels to avoid leakage to occur.
  • If the spill was caused by the rupture of a pipe, close the general stopcock quickly to collect water and call a plumber.
  • If the leak occurs on lower deck, usually due to rupture of the drain housing itself, close the valve and do not use the facility until it has been repaired.
  • If the leak is coming upstairs, let a water damage company in New York City immediately so that the water flow can remain uninterrupted.

Main Causes Of Water Damage

The main causes of these annoying and costly water damages are as follows;

  • The poor condition of the pipes for clean waters as well as sewers
  • Carelessness
  • Mishandling

The best advice is that when a facility is very old and causes permanent problems, replace it with a new facility with modern equipment with the help of expert water damage company in New York City.

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