Three Types of Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

Addiction is a widespread condition with four main features, i.e., craving, loss of control, physical dependence, and tolerance. It is never too late to start the treatment of addiction. Alcohol and drug addiction rehab can give someone you love a new lease on life. No matter how much they have been through in the past, a visit to a qualified rehab facility or consult to online suboxone doctors can help them overcome the physical, psychological and mental hold that drugs have had over them.

At an alcohol addiction center like Ripple Ranch Recovery, addiction help is available in a variety of treatment options that also incorporate relapse prevention, which has been shown to result in a higher alcoholism addiction treatment success rate. These three types of drug addiction rehab can make the difference between a downward spiral and a new opportunity for someone you love:

1: Inpatient Drug Addict Rehab

For more comprehensive care, inpatient drug addiction rehab is the best choice. Inpatient treatment centers handle the physical and emotional aspects of drug addiction. A patient will stay as long as he or she needs support in overcoming their addictions and establishing new patterns.

Inpatient drug addict rehab starts with detoxification. Depending on the drugs that a patient is addicted to, they may need to step down on sedative or pain medication. Under a doctor’s supervision, they will be able to transition from being physically addicted to being free of drugs.

After the physical detox is done, patients will transition to emotional and behavioral therapy. Therapy will help an addict face the problems and issues that led to their addiction in the first place. This phase of the treatment can include self-observation, developing new habits, and overcoming past trauma.

2: Detox Drug Addict Rehab

Detox centers are the next step in drug addict rehab. Detoxification focuses only on the physical aspects of addiction. At a detox center, an addict will have professional help in overcoming the physical addiction to drugs. With medical supervision, your friend or family member will move off of their drug dependence and into sobriety. Patients will only stay until they are free of the effects of the drug and when they are released.

3: Outpatient Drug Addict Rehab

Drug addict rehab in an outpatient environment is offered on a short-term basis. Outpatient centers do not offer any physical treatment options and focus on intervening in early cases of drug abuse before an individual gets too far down the path.

If you or someone you know is seeking help with alcohol addiction, or even drug and alcohol addiction, reach out to your local alcohol addiction treatment centers for information on alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Help is always available, so do not hesitate to reach out to alcohol addiction treatment centers or support groups in your area to help start you or your loved one on the successful path to alcohol addiction recovery.

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