Steps for Saving a Relationship with Aftercare

Jake got hooked to alcohol and prescription meds a while ago. He finally finished his treatment program and came back home. His partner Alice adored him tremendously and backed him throughout all of his rehabilitation. While she had a tough time handling the house and kids without Jake’s assistance, she remained committed to making her relationship work when Jake came home back.

It seems that Jake was a different guy, and she realized she might just have to begin her marriage all again. Here are a few measures that Alice took to make sure that her relationship could get back on track with aftercare steps:

  1. It is essential to approach the relationship like a fresh connection. That may occur only if one is ready to put behind the past events and take chances. One must ignore any marriage problems that were before and concentrate with the spouse on rebuilding whatever has been damaged due to drugs.
  2. One should always take it gently as far as closeness is concerned. Without establishing the intimate connection, physical intimacy would seem like a tiresome job for the partner that had recently recovered. It must be started gradually and only if the impulses are genuine and nothing has been pushed. It’s essential to rebuild the basis of the connection initially.
  3. When the healed partner comes back, he or she is likely to feel uncomfortable or out of place. It’s really the responsibility of the spouse to reaffirm to the individual in rehabilitation that he or she is always valued in the same manner as before fighting alcoholism or drug abuse. The clean and sober partner should be reminded that it is no matter how hard it becomes; getting the therapy was a good effort and will yield great results for the whole family.
  4. Another method of rebuilding the marriage connection is by starting to date again.  The couple must be putting in measures to suit up well and attend a venue of common choosing to enjoy quality time together. Strolling holding hands on a beach, admiring stars while sitting in a garden, or enjoying rides in an adventure park may sometimes be extremely soothing.
  5. It is essential to embrace one another on a daily basis. Addiction is a serious disease, and both partners can encounter traumatic memories about the earlier behaviors and the mucked days. But these ideas shouldn’t really be given significance, and the emphasis should indeed be focused on now. Often, even relapse may happen in spite of all efforts. Surviving this period is an achievable task if the couple is tolerant and understanding.
  6. It is essential to realize that once a relationship has been through the nasty period of addiction, it requires time to restore, and it may take far longer for the clean spouse to put confidence in the recently recovered one. Nevertheless, everything is fine. If the recovered person makes any attempts to put things properly, it’s up to the other spouse to believe or not. It takes patience and time and bravery to rebuild trust and progressively make a stronger connection.

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