Sport Is An Integral Part Of Human Life


Sport is an integral part of human life. For someone it is a profession, for someone – a way of life, for someone – entertainment, and for someone – just an integral part of the expression “fat – strength, sport a grave.” But let’s be there, the athlete lives in each of us. Because sport is a desire to be better and to achieve more. This is an excitement that envelops when approaching the goal. These are the emotions that accompany each victory and every defeat.


Any competition is a dramatic story with its start and finish, with intrigue, passion and unpredictable solution. For each triumph hide years of hard training, liters of sweat and tears, millions of spent nerve cells. And that is why every sporting event is a small life in a life that cannot be left indifferent either by its participants or spectators.

“Sport” is a program that not only acquaints you with the latest sportsĀ  of Ukraine and the world, presents comments of the direct participants of the events and expert assessments of experts, but also makes you look at the sport in a different angle, will show what is usually behind the scenes. With us you will know about sports everything … and even a little more.


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