Body Speech With These Tricks You Get What You Want

Body Speech Tricks

The body language can tell us a lot about the current state of the person you are just in touch with. You can also use these things to your advantage if you learn to use them in the necessary situations.

When you want to convince someone

You have a meeting and one of your colleagues does not want to confirm your proposal. In addition to strong arguments, make one visual trick. Put your hands behind your head and stop it comfortably. With your arms outlined, you suggest that you have nothing to hide and are sincere. This pose also suggests your self-confidence that you feel comfortable; you are sure of your claims and become the masters of the situation.

Body Speech Tricks

If you need to keep your distance

Crossed hands on the chest or somewhere in front of the body signal that you do not want the person to admit the body. Use it in a situation where you disagree with someone and you are uncomfortable with it. You will not allow him to get under the skin and control the situation.

When asking something important

If you need to convince people and tell them how important this is for you, you should use the most open gestures. So first of all forget about any bullshit.

The hands have to be apart and especially you should show the folded palms with the inside of your wrist. This proves the sincerity of your claim and the fact that you have the good of your companion.

I do not bind and boring

Sometimes it’s very hard to tell someone to end the conversation, because his speech is not at all interesting. It can also make you nervous about some of the topics, but you can not refuse to listen to the opinions of other people.

If you still want to silence them, start tapping your fingers on the desk or slamming your legs. This way you will take your companion from his dreamed world and he will try to give you away from you and give you space for yourself.

You are interested in what they are talking about or doing

This signal is very simple. If something or someone interests you, you are doing the same thing as this person. So, when you want to get him into a relaxed atmosphere and relieve him of stress, you should first carefully observe his behavior.

Do not do it in such a way as to offend him. Look at some distinctive features such as some type of gesture or different facial mimics, then repeat the conversation a few times.

When you want to soothe them and lift them self-confidence

Another way to apply mirror tactics is to repeat some of their words or shorter sentences. In practice, that means if someone asks you Will we go to the cinema in the evening, You answer “Let’s go to the cinema tonight.

This man suggests that you really perceive him, and his thoughts are so sympathetic that you can easily repeat it, but at the same time do not bother him.

When you need something to equip

Smile and good mood are eternal friends of success. It is therefore no secret that you should always be well tuned. Especially if you need to equip something important, do not get hurt or a sad face mask.

Smile well and shake this positive energy for people around you. This will make their response the same because I can not resist your mood.

If you disagree with something and you are angry

In such moments you do not have to quarrel. Your enemy would like to get you close and see you in such an unpleasant situation. But you should keep a calm face, and you just tell him that he did not let you down by your behavior and you would have decided altogether.

Put your lips close together, making them tight and bright. To do so, take a long and steady look into his eyes, prompting him to change behavior.

Body Speech Tricks

When you need to go quickly

You do not have to communicate your interlocutor conversation verbally. Try to get some signals to do it so that you do not just hear it suddenly and leave it embarrassed. First of all, it’s your way of sitting. If the toes of the feet are directed against him, you feel it and you have plenty of time.

When you turn to the door, you feel like leaving. It’s also the use of hands. Expanded palms prompt for further discussion, closed and tightly crafted after the conversation ends.

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