Do Roofers Have to Be Licensed in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Roofers Have to Be Licensed in Indianapolis

It seems pretty logical that work done on your home would be performed by contractors who are insured, licensed, and bonded. Licensed roofers are those who have demonstrated competence in their trade which in turn, enables them to legally work as roofers. Bonded roofers are those who have obtained both their licenses and a permit for specific tasks. Insured roofers are those whose insurance is up to date and provides maximum protection for clients and contractors.

It is clear then, that both together and separately,  each of these levels of certification verifies that the contractor with whom you are working is both skilled and competent to complete the work for which they were hired. In fact, 21 of 50 states require roofers to have some sort of licensure or registration on file with a state contracting agency or department of professional regulation. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this article however, there are states, including our very own Hoosier state, that do not require roofers to be licensed.

Who Needs to Be Licensed in Indianapolis, Indiana

The decision to require, or not, licensing for construction and roofing services in The City of Consolidated Indianapolis and Marion County, is up to the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services. Roofing licensure is not a requirement by local or state government and as such, leaves the decision of whether or not to hire roofers who are licensed, bonded, or insured, up to the individual companies that hire them.

While roofers are not required to seek licensure, there are related trades in Indiana that do require licensing; for example, the state mandates that plumbers be licensed. And yet, electricians, heating and air conditioning workmen, those who work with high pressure steam and refrigeration, and the wrecking of buildings are not required to be licensed by the state. The rhyme or reason for these requirements is again, beyond the scope of this article.

All of this is not to say that there are no forms of certification, supervision, proof of competency, or degree of expertise required for roofers in Indiana though. In fact general contractors within Indianapolis must obtain a license provided by the Department of Code Enforcement, an office regulated by local, municipal government. Yet and still, not having a law on the proverbial books mandating that roofing contractors be licensed, opens their trade and the public to misuse, abuse, and other challenges.

Ensuring Reliable Roofing Work in Indianapolis, Indiana

Even though Indiana State Law, as well as Indianapolis City Law, does not require roofing contractors to have a license, there are far more benefits and protections afforded those who choose a contractor who is licensed, as well as bonded and insured. Having a roofing license does far more than simply state that someone can fix your roof. In fact, licensure, along with being bonded and insured, serves to protect the contractor as well as the client, in case of damage, accidents, or unanticipated structural problems.

While Indiana State Law does not require the level of certification Jackson Contracting, Inc. possesses, we know that our clients are best served when we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Providing quality service to our customers involves not only using the right materials to get you the best roof possible, but a working relationship that is built on trust and expertise.

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