How I Overcame My Alcohol Addiction At Inpatient Treatment Centers!

My alcohol treatment was a little bit different as I went through treatment centers in the early 80s when they were springing up like wildfire. Insurance companies were just being to cover treatment programs and 28-day inpatient alcohol treatment facilities. Thanks to Betty Ford, alcohol abuse was receiving national attention, and women were finally getting the help that they needed. Mins was a residential inpatient alcohol treatment center for women that offered a 28-day treatment program.

My stay at the private inpatient treatment facility was very short. I was placed in this center against my knowledge and definitely against my husband’s wishes. Our insurance company did not cover private centers. Also, it is illegal to coerce someone under the influence into treatment without a parent or guardian sign for them. My husband never filed charges against the facility, but others did. It wasn’t long after my stay at this alcohol treatment center that their doors were closed by the state. Many big wigs heads rolled in our area for their illegal practices in coercing innocent people into their program.

My 28-day treatment center was on the fourth floor of a hospital. The whole floor was dedicated to alcohol treatment and recovery. The alcohol unit was heavily staffed with nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, clergy, and counselors.

Everyone had to go through a three-day detox in a private room. During the alcohol detoxification, you were heavily sedated and monitored regularly. You were rarely left alone, as alcohol detox can be deadly if not monitored.

After the detox period and your vitals are stable, then you begin the 28-day alcohol treatment program. Everything is pretty much on a schedule daily. You are told when to get up, when to eat when to attend classes, when you get free time, and when you are to go to bed. You were not left with any time on your hands to dwell on your past.

You were not allowed any meds on your person, or were you allowed anything that may have alcohol contained in it—no mouthwash, cologne, aspirins, or any property that may get you high. Everything was held at the nurses’ station, and a record was kept of anything you used.

During my stay at the treatment center, I was able to meet other women just like me. I finally did not feel alone or like a freak. Many of the other women drank in silence in their homes; many had controlling and abusive husbands. This was a safe place for us just to deal with what was put before us and not have to worry about our spouses or family. Our families were instructed to get involved in their own recovery through Al-Anon or family counseling.

The families toward the end of our program would then be brought into the program so we could all be on the same page as far as our recovery was concerned. The spouses would come in once or twice a week, and we would have family sessions. It was obvious there was a lot of work to do to repair the family unit, if at all possible. So, I left the alcohol treatment facility full of hope and promise. I promised that I would attend AA daily and return to the treatment center for more aftercare.

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