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Notary Services Los Angeles

It is always quite a tough job for you to manage a time and space in the hectic busy schedule of your daily life to implement a need of notarizing your document. You need to make a meticulous planning to make such a space but even then, you may find the huge California traffic emerges on your way as great blocked. And if you manage somehow to reach the notary office, may find yourself behind a large queue.

That is where you need a notary service at your doorsteps which will execute the act of notarizing your papers in your own place. Mobile Notary Public Los Angeles brings this opportunity to you and enables you to save yourself from all the inconvenience that you would have to encounter instead. These types of services are developed after contemplating the actual problems that you are grappling with. That is why they are capable of offering all sorts of notary services in the entire area of Los Angeles at your doorsteps with absolute credibility.

Not only Notary Services Los Angeles is trained, insured and bonded, they are licensed and certified notary by the National Notary Group and National Notary Association as well.

Due to the assistance they provide, their services are sought to deliver a large number of the notary of signings all over Los Angeles County and that too absolutely flawlessly.Once you manage to get connected with a service provider you prefer, you can expect them reaching your place at the earliest possible time. Don’t worry about the fees, as the charges of service are fixed quite sensitively keeping all the factors in mind that include the financial factors which may impact you.

The services offered include:

Apostle Services

It is always a complicated job for you to get Apostle for your personal, educational or commercial documents as the rules and regulation for Apostle keep on changing frequently. Mobile Notary Service companies not only notarizes your document for Apostle purpose but also personally takes the documents to the Secretary of the State office and delivers them back to you after the process is accomplished.

Marriage Services

Taking away much of your worry, the service provider you hire will take the service of notary at your special moment at your marriage site. You can truly rely on these services for that special occasion of your life.

Loan Signing Service

Mobile Notary Service firms can play an important role in getting loan papers completed from the borrower at the mentioned location on behalf of you. Not only it helps you saving your time and energy but also it has a great part in getting your loan sanctioned.

You need to provide us your valid ID card

The ID cards which include:

  1. A United States passport;
  2. A passport issued by a foreign government and also stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  3. An identity card issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles or a driver’s license issued within a period of five years from any state including Canada and Mexico by their Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. In case of an inmate, if the inmate is in custody in California state prison, an inmate identification card issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will be considered as a valid ID document.
  5. A United States military identification card with the required photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and an identifying number.

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