Why Do Not You Need Sex At An Early Age

Need Sex Early Age

I thought it funny then, I think it is the same now. For everything there should be a time – suitable for experiments and relationships, sex and cigarettes. And school years – this is not a period of life, which should be devoted to such nonsense.

Why do not you need sex at an early age Today I will try to explain it to you, my dear!

Physiological aspect of the question. Certainly, our body is a subtle thing and can adapt to various kinds of cataclysms and fashion trends. However, what cannot get used to the organism of girls 13-16, so this is the fine tuning that is required for making love. Sex – this is not just a gesture. This is – orgasm and pleasure, excitement and desire. In 13 years, the girlish organism cannot allocate all the hormones and substances necessary for quality and pleasant sex.

 Need Sex Early Age

Perhaps you have already read that the female body excites lubrication during arousal for a comfortable sexual intercourse. At a young age, such a lubricant is not released, which means that there is dryness, discomfort and inconvenience, which can lead to mini-cracks and various injuries.

Another important issue is the question of contraception. Despite the information age, teaching lessons in the school and a lot of videos on the Internet, the number of schoolgirls who give birth to graduation is increasing. Why is this happening?

You meet with a guy, he persuades you to have sex, or, perhaps, he calls it “love.” If you agree, do any of you remember any remedies? Or does he tell you that after the first time it’s impossible to get pregnant? Or does he say that having sex in a condom is not it?

For you, my dear, I gathered the most common questions about sex and tried to understand them as clearly as possible. You must learn them and always remember in every life situation!!

Is it true that not to fly, it is necessary to change partners more often The egg cannot remember the genetic information of spermatozoa and is not fertilized. NOT TRUE. Enough one unprotected sexual intercourse is enough to get pregnant.

Is it true that at the first sexual experience a girl has a chance that the condom will break? NOT TRUE. This is not related to the first or the 10th time. You must always be attentive.

Is it always painful to have sex for the first time? There is no truthful or untrue answer. Every woman’s features allow her to experience her own emotions. BUT. There are a number of actions that will ease nervousness at the first sexual intercourse. A man should be loved, tender, caring. He must bring the girl to the desire to sleep with him. If you are nervous and afraid, it is better to postpone the experience to a more mature age.

If after sex, go to the bathroom and wash, what is the probability of getting pregnant? 100%. No washing will save you from fertilization, as the sperm gets inside the body, and does not remain on the labia.

The truth is that if a girl (not a virgin) does not make love for 3 months, then some sort of disease is formed? You will not have any illness. Such a nonsense was invented by those who try to provoke girls into illegible sexual relations.

Is it possible to somehow restore virginity without doing an operation, before the wedding night, so that my husband does not guess? Theoretically, such an operation exists; however, it is very expensive. That’s why you need to always think about whether you really want to sleep with the first one or still wait for the guy of your dreams!!

The feminine hymen of the girls is from the very birth or until then appears? She has girls from birth. There is an absurd theory that the longer you do not have sex, the thicker it is stupidity.

However, if I do not have sex, then later it will be more painful for me to lose my virginity NOT TRUE!

If, after sexual intercourse, I wash myself with lemon juice, then I will not heal Zale. Lemon juice will not save you. Is that you will drink it instead of sex.

Is it true that if you jump or sit in a hot bath after an unprotected sexual intercourse, drinking milk with iodine can reduce the risk of pregnancy not true.

Remember that a condom is the best protection against disease and pregnancy

The psychological side of the question. The psychological problem of early sex even more frightens me than the physiological one. This is directly related to the choice of a sexual partner.

 Need Sex Early Age

Adult men and women are intelligent beings who understand what to expect from a partner. Reciprocity, passion, affection and tenderness – these are the few components of a good sex life. If you add love or love there, careful attitude towards each other, then you will get the perfect couple that is ready for sexual games.

However, teenagers are usually guided by completely different parameters when choosing a guy or a girl. Beauty, material security, coolness or popularity at the school level – all this is more important to the majority than feelings.

Financially secured boys get acquainted with girls in clubs, and then remain confident that women need only money. The girls find the first guy they find, sleep with them for the sake of interest, and then – after being cast out, they think that all men are goats. This gives us traumas, complexes and unsuccessful relationships in life.

In most cases, adolescent sex is spontaneous, without preparation. There is always a fear that it will hurt, parents will know, a condom will break, etc. All this gives the girls a fear of sex in the future.

Public opinion. This is also an important factor in the formation of human consciousness. It seems to you that if you do not have a boyfriend, there will not be sex, and then everyone will consider you small and uninteresting.

But imagine for a moment that in 7 years you will meet the guy of your dreams. He will have beautiful eyes and a pleasant voice, upbringing and a good education. And he will tell you that he has always waited for you. And only with you he is ready to plunge into the world of love. And what will you tell him With slept in grade 8 with a drunk classmate at the disco in the gym.

 Need Sex Early Age

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