What Are Men Boat Shoes

Men Boat Shoes

Never ever in the history of the world does humans have such a huge variety of shoes available in the market but nowadays every now and then shoe market is offering a new pair of shoes with a completely unique design and features which one could never think as a ‘could be possible’ element in their shoes. There is a different pair of shoe to be used in casual setting as well as a different pair for a formal event. Even you will find different varieties to be used according to a specific situation like hiking, cycling, boating etc.

Men Boat Shoes

As far as men’s boat shoes are concerned the best part is that one can wear them anytime, anywhere and in any season; these are not only water resistant but are also stylish, cool and above all desirably comfortable. Basically boat shoes are manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of a boat journey. Because it is quite possible to slip away on boat deck therefore the most prominent feature of these shoes is a tight grip which may help prevent one from slipping while on deck.

As for the history of men’s boat shoes there was a man named Paul Sperry, founder of the Sperry Shoe Company, he was searching for a pair of shoes which he can use while working on deck, but he was unable to find it in local as well as in international market. At that time he decided to manufacture a boat shoe in his own company. The idea, about how a boat shoe should be like, came into his mind from cocker spaniel’s ability to run on ice easily, he thought to give it a reverse design by placing rubber sole which can prevent slipping in wet and even in dry places. The design of these shoes reflects the traditional patterns of moccasins-cover in which the whole shoe ends up on the top, stitched with a leather piece.

Boat shoes have a high quality and are made up with the help of oil using soft but pure leather which gives it a smooth touch and ensures durability. Many manufacturers even use canvas along with leather in its make whereas some even uses different ways like, hand stitched seams, laces finished with rawhide as well as eyelets made of brass etc. These added features add on the quality of the shoes. Another interesting fact about boat shoes is that these shoes can be used without socks and yet they are as comfortable as they could be with socks. However it is recommended to try the pair of boat shoes without socks once before purchasing.

Due to the unique features of boat shoes, they are quite expensive but the shoes’ quality justifies its price. You can easily find a lot of manufacturer and distributor of boat shoes both in local as well as international market. These shoes can also be found easily on the internet. So if you are looking for a pair for yourself, start searching today and get a wonderful pair of boat shoes to help you make your work or trip on boat much easy and fun.

Men Boat Shoes

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