How Long Before A Website Appears In Google

There is no strictly guaranteed time frame one can say that will take for a website or new content on the website to appear in the search results of search engine like Google. It may take from hours to weeks. Google first indexes the websites or new information updated on the sites and this time varies based on several factors. In other words, it is out of ones hands. However, there are few ways that one can follow to speed up the process. Continue reading to know it in detail.

What is indexing?

Whenever a user types a query in Google search, Google does not search for the website. Rather it looks for the index of the web. Google makes use of software referred as “spiders” or “web crawlers.” The said software crawls the websites and gathers data specifically the new content, new websites and new links. The extracted information is then added to Google’s index. Once information is in the index it can easily be searched. Whenever a new website is launched, or content is updated; it will not be searchable until and unless it is indexed by Google.

How can new content be indexed faster?

If you have external links to your website then the chances of Google crawling increase. If you have a new site, you can add it to your social media profile. Share the link as well, such as you can update a Facebook post having the link and share it with your friends, or you may tweet the same link on twitter.

Another option can be to write and post an external blog relevant to your products, services or industry. Also make sure it has the link pointing back to your website. Another way is to ask Google to crawl your new site or updated content. All you need to do is to type in address of your website in Google’s tool which is built for crawl requests specifically. However, Google mentions upfront that they don’t guarantee that this will escalate the process. At the same time, since it does not hurt anything so there is nothing wrong in trying it at least.

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