Useful Tips For Making A Log House

Wood is a natural, healthy, resistant, warm, comfortable, hygienic material and, if you take care of it properly, it can become very durable. If you have the opportunity to enjoy a log house, you will be interested in learning some practical tips to learn how to care for it and make a unique and special home since wood is the only natural and renewable building material. If you have decided to buy a log hose, do not forget that you have not only acquired a different habitable space from the rest of humanity, but you have opted for a much healthier and more environmentally friendly way of life.

Since the ancient times, man used wood as a safer construction element, but today it is not so much. Some adventurers and campers choose to build a log house outside the polluted and stressful environment of the city to spend their most relaxing moments and change the modern traditional way into natural way.

Advantages of Making a Log House

You should know that building a living place of wood is the best idea you can develop to spend your days off because it has insulating properties i.e. solid wood isolates about 7 times more than brick and energy consumption is much lower too. In addition, it regulates the interior environment by stabilizing the humidity, filtering and purifying the air and in this way, avoids the diseases caused due to the humidity emitted by a sick building with consequences such as rheumatism and respiratory deficiencies. In short, it is more advisable and safe than a current brick house.

Needless to say that being a living material, it is as if it transported you to your roots, more primitive and original because it allows you to be in constant bond with nature.

And if you are looking for silence, tranquility, rest and solitude, you have chosen the material to build your house well since the wood has special acoustic properties, different from other building elements absorbing a significant part of the energy of the waves you receive, reducing them to a minimum. The result is a quiet house that helps to eliminate the stress of its inhabitants.

Paint a Log House

The maintenance of a log house requires that the house is painted every 10 years. There are two types of paints, as oily paints and varnishes. Nowadays oily paints are very popular for painting exteriors. Oily paints use a sealer or resin derived from some vegetable oil such as soybean oil or linseed. Alkyd paint is the most commonly used of oily paints, and many of them are, in fact, alkyd paints. This paint provides resistance to mechanical damage from abuse and abrasion, which has traditionally been used as exterior paint.

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