Lifestyle Gave Kristina’s Headache And Pain In His Stomach


Then she went down 15 kilos by eating healthier, smaller portions and began exercising.It’s amazing how much better my health has become. Now I almost never hurt my stomach or head anymore and the energy level is clearly much better than before, “says Kristina Heien, 43, who works as a nurse at a hospital in Oslo.

what I ate, I was thin like a stretch.

It was after other pregnancies that the weight and dress sizes gradually went upwards.

“I have never been a person who has eaten a lot of candy and snacks on weekdays, it’s not a snop that made me overweight. I simply ate for calorie dinners with a large amount of pasta and sauce, and I always feed twice. In addition, I ate more bread slices for supper as well as the big dinner, she says.

The combination of a lot of food and little exercise was not good for the body, and made Kristina often out of the headache, stomach wounded, tired and felt unwell. For a few days she had to take painkillers to get to work.

“I think foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar, in combination with little fiber, hurt my stomach in the form of hard stomach and a lot of air. The headache also often occurs by eating this type of food, which I can notice on holidays and traveling where it naturally becomes more of this kind of food.

The limit was reached in 2011 at 73 kilos. Kristina felt she was going to be big and wanted to take the bull by the horns.

“I needed a lifestyle plan with normal, simple and plain foods to help you lose weight and get healthier. I found that at weight club.

No diet or cure

Here Kristina is styled by stylist Tom Greni and hairdresser Ufa Nameless in connection with Vektklubb’s advertising campaign. She is wearing Second female shirt (999 Kr) and gold belt (399 Kr), Just female

For Kristina it has been important that the food and recipes fit the whole family. She has no faith in diets, powder or supper.

At home she has received good support from her husband, who also joined weight club last autumn. Together they raise each other and make healthy food for the family. Beyond the 14 and 11 year olds, they focus on having a healthy diet, rather than slimming, with a little candy and soda in everyday life.

Our favorite dinners are noodles and chicken, fish cakes with china as and sausages and ratatouille . The recipes are perfect for both young and old, she says.

Jogging through vacations

“I have learned to treat myself to the food. It’s good to just take a cake piece rather than two. Enjoying the food does not mean to step in and eat as much as possible, Kristina emphasizes.

In addition to tightening in her diet she has started training regularly. She feels that her head aches less often when she is exercising regularly.

“I know that the shape is so much better! Now I jog two to three times a week. The exercise also helps keep on the good habits, even through holidays and holidays that present challenges in the diet.

Kristina still keeps calorie intake daily in the diary. It allows her to find foods that do not blow the budget if “eating suicide” is reported in the evening.

“Even though I’m not hungry, I feel the feeling of wanting something. Then I will take an apple or oatmeal bread with lean onion. With the calorie counter I have full control, she says.

Kristina’s advice to others who want to lose weight is to have the belief that weight loss is possible.

“To me it has been important to follow an arrangement where I eat ordinary food, but in reasonable portions, and that I have started exercising regularly. It is important not to give up even if there is a cutout. Get back in the track and keep in mind that it lasts as long as you have your head.

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