Best Laboratory Glove Boxes systems In The Market

Laboratory Glove Boxes

A glove box system is made up of a sealed container in which experts are allowed to work on substances in the specific atmosphere. Laboratory Glove Boxes systems have attached gloves at the side of the container. It is arranged so as to use by a technician. Part of the box is made up transparent material. This glove box system is specifically used for work related to hazardous substances such as radioactive material, or infectious agents which transmit diseases. Glove box system is also used in the laboratories where there is need to carry out air sensitive work.

It is very important to keep the inert atmosphere of Laboratory Glove Boxes system to the higher pressure. So as to protect the operator or the content of the experiment glove box system provides reliable seals. Cleatech provides a huge variety of glove boxes in plastic. It gives controlled atmosphere. The system is particle free and less humid.

There are different series of glove box systems are available in Cleatech. Out of which Isolation Glove box series 2100 provide lab gloves with gas purging option. It is made up of different material and configuration. They are also available in different sizes. These basic glove box systemsprovide the less humid environment. Oxygen is controlled with the help of gas purging system. It is popularly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and semiconductor industry. It is available with accessories and airlock system. It is made up of acrylic material. It is the best choice for work involving alcohol or other corrosive chemicals.

Laboratory Glove Boxes

Isolation glove box series 2200 contains portable glove box with an inert gas option. 2200 Series isolation glove box systems are lightweight, portable and space saving. They are available with front tilt-up window and optional airlock.  These are very affordable and provide the same function as standard 2100 series.

Another very important series is of laboratory filtered glove box systems. They are very safe and effective. They are negatively pressured to contain particulates inside the chamber. The filter of these glove box systems filters the fine pharmaceutical powders, aerosols, microbial contaminants. It also removes the contaminants from the exhaust gas.

On the other hand, series 2300 open loop Laboratory Glove Boxes can be factory configured to positive pressure so as to protect samples against airborne particles. Filtration glove box system 2400 is also available as a combination of isolation glove boxes 2100 series with HEPA filtered glove boxes 2300 series. In this multi-Configuration glove box system, a valve system allows conversion from open exhaust operation.

Also, isolation gloves boxes series 2500 and compounding glove box series 2600 is highly recommended for laboratory use.

Cleatech Isolation glove box provide an oxygen free environment for labs, clean room, industries of semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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