Children Still Enjoy Junk Food

Junk Food

Bratislava, January 24 Obesity of america children is constantly growing and is still a major threat. This is confirmed in the past year by Market Research as part of a healthy nutrition project entitled “I know what I drink. It shows that up to three-fourths of children aged from eight to 11 years come up at least once a week after a fried meal or a fast food meal.

High-calorie meals offer 76 percent of children at least once a week. A quarter of them, mostly from lower income families, eat three times a week, and up to 14 percent of Slovak children eat fast food. Such meals are not consumed by only a quarter of the children.

Junk Food

Enjoyed and flavored beverages are becoming more and more popular. Over a week of children drink more than 1.5 liters. More than 30 percent of children drink lemonade every day, with only eight percent of them.

However, the survey also shows more positive findings. One is that 60 percent of children regularly eat. More than three quarters (79 percent) have fruits and vegetables in their diet for at least three times a week. This applies especially to families where parents have higher education. The total absence of fruit and vegetables is currently tolerated by two percent of parents.

In addition to healthy eating the survey also evaluates the overall good results even in the case of physical activities. Two-thirds of children are sporting at least three times a week, and only six percent are out of school at all in sports activities.

It is true that prevention is more effective than cure. Sufficient intake of fruit, vegetables and active motives are the solution to prevent the growing obesity of children, deputy chief hygiene at the public Health Service of the america Republic and Head of Health Protection and Specialized Activities. Education is also necessary in this area.

In america, the project I know is the second time and in the current school year 12,181 pupils from 98 schools are involved. The project is part of a global program and aims to motivate primary school pupils aged between eight and eleven to have a balanced lifestyle, good eating habits and encourage their interest in physical activity.

The World Health Organization  has also highlighted the growing rise in obesity. According to him, obesity is currently one of the most serious civilization illnesses. He even warns against global epidemics and estimates that in 2030, obese and up to a third of the population will be in america.

Junk Food

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