The Importance Of Education In Our Life

Importance Education Life

It is important to remember that education is not just the crust that you receive at the institute or school, but the entire learning process. These are the books that you read, course and dictation, films and facts. This is what gives us the opportunity to write words without errors, to tell exactly – where to find the Eiffel Tower and answer the questions of a simple crossword puzzle.

I have not seen a single employer who took a man just for his beautiful eyes. Everyone wants a secretary who serves coffee – graduated from university, and a cleaner who takes out garbage from the office, at least, a technical school. No one wants to hire you because you are talented. Give everyone a documentary confirmation of your talents, even if in the certificate you have – solid triples.

Education is very important for every person. Without the knowledge of languages, you cannot fly abroad, without the knowledge of marketing – you do not “sell” your resume in the personnel department, you cannot do it in a supermarket without mathematics.

Importance Education Life

We use our knowledge every day and do not even notice it. We read tablets at airports, remembering frantically what Mari Ivanhoe was saying, we catch familiar words in the texts of foreign performers and try to sing in rhythm.

Thanks to studying, you start dating and communication, get a job, turn around in society, and make up your personal life.

Why is education so important for everyone? Why should a girl have a diploma of secondary special or higher education? There are a number of reasons for this:

This is a way of earning money. Neither is it important that you graduated from the Faculty of History, and you work as an interpreter at the office. You were taken for speaking the language, but no one would take you without the diploma of ANY HIGH SCHOOL.

Independence. Work in turn gives you a sense of confidence, and with time and independence. You can afford to buy things, go on vacation. For a woman, independence is no less important than for a man. Because the husband is today, and tomorrow – no. A salary is always with you :).

You should not account to anyone.

Ability to travel abroad for other work. It’s unlikely that your candidacy was considered if you had only a school certificate in your pocket.

Brad Not everyone of us was born Steve Jobs or Einstein. Most people are not remarkable and do not have outstanding abilities. That’s why they need to always strive for self-development and constantly improve their skills.

The fact that people who dream of a diploma does not even try to get it honestly is sad. Many students pay money for passing exams, receive diplomas, and then cannot get a job simply because they lack the knowledge and skills.

There are many good professions and without the need for higher education. About what areas are now intensively developing

higher education

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