How To Lose Extra Weight

Last summer, Lisa Havness (41) from Asker herself. She cleared the cupboards and got rid of anything that could ruin the progression. Willfulness and motivation were finally in place.

Lisa Havness has been a weight loss member on feb 24, 2018. Read about the amazing results she has achieved in just five months! Here is Lisa’s success story:

That’s why I took away the weight:

I have been overweight throughout my life, except for one year (1999) when I crashed myself after two close childbirths. I got my first child when I was 20 years old, and my nurse just after I had reached 22 years, so I could not lose weight after the first pregnancy before it was on. I put 25 kilos in my first pregnancy and went down after birth, but went up to the same weight during my second pregnancy.

When the kids were still very small, I tried a shake diet. I would find back to myself and my former weight. In 2.5 months I only drank slim shakes. When I finished my cure, the kilos returned, slowly but surely. I have also tried powder treatments (and other fools) where I have gone down a few kilos before I have resurrected.

In recent years, work has resulted in a lot of quiet sitting, overtime, late nights and travel. Overtime food has been the unhealthy battle, I have been a good contributor to gas stations and fast-food chains around eastern Norway. Even though I love my job and have great work capacity, the result has become as it may be; many kilos have come on.

Turning point:

I had long felt tired without any real reason, in addition to many diffuse joint pain, stomach ache and a lot of pain in my back. I had long considered to try to change my diet to see if it could give me a better day, but still the day for the turning point was surprisingly surprising to me. One day, just the motivation was there and then I used the opportunity to bet on myself!

How I went down:

I have planned meals in advance of the week. At first it was absolutely crucial to know in advance how much I could eat for any meal. It kept the mood (and blood sugar) moderately stable. To me personally, it has been right to cut out some products that I have encountered during the process have found out that is not good for me, such as processed food.

I have not starved at all. I have gained weight and have mainly kept myself at regular diet, but be aware of filling the plate with a lot of vegetables depending on the season’s selection. I allow myself to have a meal at the restaurant once in a while, because you have to enjoy yourself too!

From the nutritionist: Four tips for a healthier diet

In the past I have eaten a lot, often without thinking about it, or eaten with the feelings. I used food when I was stressed, tired or rewarded. Stepping into my potato chips is basically anything but reward for myself.

I have not followed any training schedule, but I have a dog that has been an extra driving force to get me out. It must be aired the same if it rains or snows. I have left many miles in the woods, and as the weeks and months have passed, it has become easier and easier to choose a trip outside the sofa. So I go – much more than I have done for many years and it’s delicious! Since July I have gone over 500 kilometers in total.

I have also had great pleasure from the forum in weight club Being in a group where others have common goals are experienced as very motivating and at the same time somewhat obligatory. For me, it has worked very well! It is also important to reward yourself for achieved goals along the way. A hairdressing time, a kinotur or a new clothes.

The result of this total diet conversion has given results not only in terms of weight loss, but it has also given me much more profit. Now I do not fall into the couch after work as before.

The way forward, so I’ll keep the weight:

I have shrunk 25 cm in life, which is marked very well and has fallen 17 kilo. I’m going down a bit, but it’s not urgent. I spend time well and enjoy the sensible weight loss!

I will continue to be conscious of taking the good choices and I will keep looking at me sometime because it is important. The art is to let it go with the “one” day and not continue kosen throughout the week. It is important for me to emphasize that I do not look at this as a diet but a lifestyle change that will last. We humans are different and also respond differently to food and exercise. There is no fascia to suit everyone! To me, the most important motivation has been to get better health.

  1. Cleaning the cabinets

In order to get a lifestyle change, it may be advisable to clean the kitchen cabinets and drawers properly. Give away food, snop and anything else that you know will tempt you. Replace it with healthier and leaner selections. Feel free to read up and use all the good people in the forum to get tips on good food choices.

  1. Plan

Use some time at the start to plan all meals for several days and weeks and register it in the diary. Then you know in advance what to eat and what you may need to “go on” with extra calories. Register everything, even those days where you eat more than planned. The only thing you wonder by not doing is yourself. Do not look at it as defeat but learning!

  1. Do not look blind to the weight

It is quickly done to be above the focus on the number of weight. It may be smart to use the tape measure and let the weight rest. If you are honest with yourself in terms of intake and withdrawal, it will appear in the form of fewer centimeters around the waist.

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