How To Expend Your Mind


It is common to confuse the word expend with expanding. But, you must understand the two words are quite different and their differences are so vast and distinct, To expand means to increase in size, number, form.  However, expend means to use up or spend. A little more elaborately, it also goes to include using up or consuming something fully. In this context learning how to expand your mind or to use it fully will ensure success. But, to make complete use of your extraordinary mind can be complete only when you are able to expand your mind to get increased consciousness about yourselves as well as the surroundings.

Expanding your mind

Just as we exercise our body to maintain it, the brain also needs exercise to maintain its alert state, Exercising the brain not only makes you alert it will also help you become smarter. But one thing with your brain and mind is that the maintenance failure is not obvious until it is very late. You can assess yourself on your physical fitness by standing in front of the mirror. But, your mind and brain are responsible for a comprehensive understanding of the reality and the pains and happiness it has to offer. The extraordinary mind has the capacity to deal with the pain it suffers using the knowledge and defense mechanisms but if your mind for some reason is not able to cope with the pain, the results might not quite be obvious.  Expanding your mind by virtue of the power of knowledge is a way of equipping yourself to take better decisions as well as handle the pain in the right way.

Ways to equip yourself to meet the challenges include

Hanging out with insightful people

It is believed that we tend to pick up traits from the people with whom we often spend time with. That is why it is important to associate with people who have beliefs and values you uphold. Being insightful and mixing with insightful people does not mean that you have to ditch your old friends and associate yourself with others but it is a matter of hanging out more with people who will open you up to new perspectives as well as higher quality thoughts. It is easy to choose them at present with the help of social networks.



There is no better tool than meditation that can harness the potential of your extraordinary mind and expend it to the fullest. Meditation has been in practice in the East for over thousands of years and is catching up in the West after it has been scientifically proved that meditation can contribute in a big way in exercising the brain and bring about a transformation in your thinking and open-mindedness when practiced daily. The benefits that accrue include

  • Increased focus
  • Emotional stability
  • Reduction in stress
  • Increase in the grey matter in the brain.

And much more. All this is possible because meditation will help you operate based on the meta=awareness rather than impulse. The meta=awareness is nothing but being able to challenge your beliefs and thought patterns and help you to step out of yourself and judge yourself and your actions as if you were an observer. This will equip you with the power to choose the thoughts to follow.

Read Books

Books are a wonderful source of information. They can expand your knowledge and can be very insightful. Books ane especially biographies are quite useful in expanding your mind as they are packed with lessons that you will take a lifetime to learn. The stories can also play a role in creating new insights that can expand your mind. similarly, reading philosophy will help you expand your mind by helping you improve your critical thinking and clarity.

Learning a new language

If you are wondering how learning a new language could expand your mind, here’s the answer. Learning a new language is a great workout for the brain and the extraordinary mind by virtue of mental flexibility, concentration and focus will shape how you see the world as when you pick up a language you learn new syntax structures, vocabulary as well as insights about the culture of the people.

By expanding your mind, you will have a better personal view of the world by virtue of awareness and consciousness which will equip you with the potential to expend the power of your extraordinary mind to the fullest.

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