Why Should You Have Heated Bird Bath

Heated Bird Bath

If you love wild birds and like attracting them to your home, you must have no doubt included some bird feeders in your yard. You may even have gone so far as to add a bird bath. But do you realize the importance of a heated bird bath?Let’s get a little basic here.

The birds are living things and, like the rest of us, they need water to survive just like food. While many people know the importance of continuing to feed birds in winter, they donot think through the need for water as well.

If you have only been putting out wild bird seed in feeders in the summer, are you thinking that they can easily find water elsewhere? After all, who wants to mess with cleaning out feathers, dirt and other garbage that can make a mess in a bird bath?

And that is one thing that a bird bath does allow birds to do – clean themselves. Not only do they need water to drink but, just like us, they need water to get clean. They need to get rid of dirt, parasites, loose feathers, etc.

Heated Bird Bath

But in winter, that other water source you have been thinking the wild birds use, may be frozen. In the same way a regular bird bath will freeze in winter. So what do you do if you want to provide a good reason for birds to come to your yard? Get a heated bird bath, of course.

A heated bird bath will be a big draw for birds in your area in the winter. Not only will it provide an unfrozen source of water to drink, they will still be able to get their daily baths.

As a person with livestock, I know that a heated bird bath is a very good thing for wild birds. Overnight, the tubs of water will freeze making it impossible for my livestock to get to the water. Any source of uncovered or unheated water around will freeze.

This means every morning I, or my kids, have to knock out the ice and refill the tubs in all the pens. When I do this, the birds just about line up waiting for me to get out of the way so they can get at the water.

This is why having a source of heated water such as a heated bird bath provides is so important. Those wild birds you love seeing still need a source of water. If it’s heated a bit, it also means the birds will not have to use as much of their own body energy on the water.

True, a heated bird bath for the most part just keeps the water above freezing. However that is sure better than drinking water that is slowly turning to ice.

So if you want to attract wild birds to your home, consider getting a heated bird bath. With a heated bird bath in addition to your bird feeder, you really provide “one stop shopping” for all the neighborhood birds and attract lots more to your yard.

Heated Bird Bath


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