5 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Good Shape In Winter

Good Shape In Winter

Winter we enjoy, but also enjoy our hair Frosts, overlooked rooms, transitions from heat to winter and, last but not least, more or less sexy hair blankets. All this is signed on the look of our hair. How can we keep them in good shape in winter? We have 5 tips for you.

Hydras ate

Keep in mind that not only the skin needs moisturizing but also our hair. A great tip is a hydrating series of ideologues with a recipe containing seaweed yield and a seaweed brown known for its antioxidant effects, which strengthens the hair fiber and regenerates the hair structure.

No known Slovakian model and moderator Sosa Slovakian will not let go of its effects. “After the first two weeks of using the geologic shampoo I noticed how my hair was softened and beautiful. In addition to being incredibly beautiful and long after trimming, they have a stylish package, their content of extracts from the depths of the sea perfectly hydrating my often strained hair

Solve your cap problem

And do you always electrify your hair every time you put down the cap? Try to naturally dry them naturally and try to limit the use of styling products to a minimum. However, if you do not enjoy your favorite hair-irons, always use a special protector the  geologic for a smoothing effect .

Treat your nourishing mask

Even if you do not use alive masks all year round, in the winter you will definitely get them. Hair masks can smooth the split ends and at the same time bring them gloss and compassion. For a better regeneration effect, try adding a few drops of argon oil to the mask.

Wash your hair less frequently

The rule is known in winter. Wash your hair, if possible, less frequently. Ideally, this is 2 to 3 times a week. When temperatures fall out of the way, sebum formation on the skin decreases. By frequent washing, you will need to drain it excessively, which will also negatively affect your hair.

Fill your diet with vitamins and minerals

Beauty comes from the inside. Old wisdom that also applies to hair. Provide them with perfect nutrition and supplement your diet with vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and biotin. The last one is particularly important. Vitamin H or biotin is naturally found in the diet, especially in egg yolk, soybeans, legumes, seeds and nuts, liver, yeast, milk, mushrooms, but also in vegetables such as spinach or cabbage, as well as potatoes and whole grains.

Good Shape In Winter

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