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city bag

According to the date in the calendar, the cold should go to the final, in real life it looks like instead of spring pieces we enrich our wardrobes with woolen sweaters and insulated boots. Nevertheless, we do not lose even a hint of hope that the weather will stop playing a wicked game with us and soon extend our wardrobe with fresh pieces. For the time being, we are inspired by the new CCC collection, which literally boasts trendy, timeless and quality pieces.

Team boots in every weather

We do not even wear ankle boots in the first sunny months. Although we believe that after an endless autumn and winter you can have a slight allergy to this type of shoe. Well, at least your budget for spring fashion does not cost you the cost of handkerchiefs and ginger tea with lemon. A simple solution is to replace black models with the most colorful ones.

boots weather

New pieces from the Lasocki collection have a natural nubuck top and protect from the cold, which can make us unpleasant in the morning. In the spring, these models deserve a smaller upgrade in the form of sophisticated perforation at the ankles. Combine them with a pleated skirt to the knees in a sharper shade, a white oversized shirt and leatherette or trenchcoat.

Jar will be full of floral patterns

The spring season will be denim and flower. Denim is always a living material in the world of fashion, it is only experimenting with shades and shades of denim. The moms are trendy, so high-denim jeans and ankle lengths that women with long legs can afford. “Mummy jeans” with little help from heels do not have to avoid even those of us, in which nature saved a few centimeters.

For a comfortable step, build a rounded toe and columnar heel with a floral print from the Jenny Fairy line . Floral prints are not unique to the new CCC collection and you can also find them on their handbags. So she’s been combining different patterns, suppressions and patterns that are more trendy this season than ever before. A simple T-shirt and a slightly elongated blazer are all about the perfect urban look. A uniform in which you will feel comfortable and trendy in a working carousel as well as a drink with your friends.

Juvenile pastels are trendy

The CCC Spring Collection has been traditionally complemented by trendy handbags for every occasion. You can find handbags, handbags, handbags, or crossover handbags with chain straps. The wagon and the wagon bag, understand to work, leisure time and an unexpected extended weekend with half is the timeless model of the city bag.

city bag

Choose from Jenny Fairy’s unappeared purse and pastel colors . The baby blue tint will make you feel bad and take a few crosses on your back in a second. Wear it in your hand or over your shoulder or just throw it over your shoulder or across the shoulders and enjoy your favorite cappuccino as a star from Hollywood.

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