Four Things to Do in South Africa

Four Things to Do in South Africa

South Africa has a long, complicated, and tragic history, but is rapidly become one of the most prominent urban centers on the continent with a thriving tourism industry. Nowadays, it has become a popular hot spot for individuals, couples, and families alike who would like to go on vacation, soak up some fun, experience some fun, and also learn the storied history of the country.

Scuba Diving

A popular activity among tourists is scuba diving and underground photography. It’s possible to capture great photos of coral reefs and wildlife by signing up with a company in cities in Cape Town. It’s important to choose a reputable company and make an appointment in advance, because time slots for these activities fill up fast, especially in the booming summer months when tourists and locals alike flock to the beaches.


Hiking and Ziplining

Other fun activities are hiking and ziplining. South Africa possesses numerous wonderful, relatively untouched landscapes filled with hiking trails and the occasional wonder of ziplining. Ziplining, if you don’t know, is when you’re strapped into a hanging harness, jump off a platform, and can fly through the landscape, flying down the zipline through the air. There are many areas with hiking trails of all difficulties as well, including the Whale Hiking Trail in Western Cape and the Blyderivierspoort Hiking Trail in Mpumalanga.

Safaris and Nature Parks

If nature is still your thing but you don’t think you or your family will enjoy hiking, there is always the wealth of safaris and nature parks where South Africa preserves its natural wonders. In fact, South Africa possesses most of the world’s safaris, and people can pay to go to view the animals in their natural habitat. Some of the most popular is the Addo Elephant Park in Eastern Cape and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Northern Cape.

Museums and Memorials

Vacation should be fun, but it can also be educational. South Africa possesses numerous influential memorials, monuments, and museums, including the Apartheid Museum. The Apartheid Museum seeks to commemorate and explain the complexity and cruelty of Apartheid, the system of racist segregation and oppression in the multiracial nation destroyed and shaped by imperialism and colonization. For a less heavy experience, there is also the South African National Gallery and the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History. Whether one is seeking art or culture, there is plenty to be found in South Africa.


If you’re planning a family vacation or would simply like to explore the world and experience some culture, then South Africa is a great location. The urban and tourist centers are family friendly and there are numerous activities involving nature and education. While shopping is always an option, there are also fun, once in a lifetime opportunities like going on safari, hiking to see whales, and taking in the rich history of the nation by visiting a museum and learning something new while on another continent.

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