Five Important Things to Look For In A Hospital Bed

Medical bed 

Hospital beds are the beds which are used particularly for the person who is hospitalized or suffering. Mainly these beds are being used for hospital purposes. But sometimes if you are having any patient who needs to lie down on the bed, then you may have one at home.

Here are a few compulsory things to note about hospital bed

Hospital beds are of many types and for different usage. These beds are specially made to meet up different requirements and needs of the person who is lying on the bed. Normally no healthy person will be lying on that bed. Either they may be challenged in some way or others. So there are different features often added with such beds. Here are some five features which you should be looking for while buying such a hospital bed for any purpose.

  1. Wheels

The first thing that you should check about the hospital beds is that it must be having wheels. Wheels would help you to carry the patients (along with the bed) who may be bedridden, from one place to another. All the hospital beds have wheels which are lockable and hence you can lock them to make them stand fixed at a particular place.

  1. Elevation

Hospital beds need to be elevated as and when required. Many times after few operations, the patients need to lie down by either elevating the upper part of the body or the lower parts. This also helps them to have some kinds of movement too. Now the elevation can be done either manually or electronically. The modern days are having the electronic elevating beds that can be maintained by electronic modes.

  1. Side rails

Very important thing as it ensures that the patient is safe on the bed even when they are sleeping. Often in sleep, there are chances of slipping out of the bed. On having the rails, there will be no chances of falling down of the bed. They give a good support to the patients.

  1. Bed exit alarm

This would help in calling out the nurse or the assistance in case of any need or emergency. This should be placed in a distance which is reachable by the patient. It can be a bell with light so that it can be easy to locate.

  1. CPR functioning

This is a special addition for some special patients. The patients who are having cardiopulmonary resuscitation need to have this function. This is present in the form of a button or lever.


So you get to have many of them and even of varied prices too. Medical bed is medical essentialities that you need to fulfill. It is a must for hospitals to carry out the treatments.

If you are having any patients at home, then you can buy one such bed to get the patient feel comfortable. Check out the online stores and you will get many of them. Choose among them and get the best at the best prices. Avacare has many solutions for your hospital beds.

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