What To Expect Of Granite Seams

Expect Granite Seams

If you are thinking of having granite installed into your house, one of the main things you need to think about is that there may be seams in it. Not all kitchens have seams in them, but a good portion of them do. There are many things to think about when determining seam placement, so I am writing this article to give you some good information on the subject.

Factors When Determining Seam Placement

The first thing you need to do when deciding seam placement is to pick a material. Slabs come in all shapes and sizes so make sure the slabs you want are big enough to get your whole job out of. Secondly, you want to make sure all of the pieces are small enough that they can be carried into the house safely. If your kitchen is on the second floor, or it is hard to reach from your driveway (or wherever the truck will unload the stone), then this may mean smaller pieces, which can more seams. An experienced granite installer is the best person to tell you where the seams can or cannot go.

Expect Granite Seams

Another big thing to think about when placing seams is the flow of the stone. If you have a material with a lot of veining in it, you want those veins to flow naturally throughout your kitchen. You don’t want pieces with veins going different directions. when placing a seam with regard to flow, you have to make sure the veins match up pretty good and are going the same direction right at that seam. If it is a white stone with a black vein, you want to try your best to continue that black vein from piece to piece. In some cases, this may cause you a lot more money due to the fact that they are cutting the slab out of the ordinary to match the veins. In certain cases, there may not be enough stone to match all the veins perfectly, but a good stone fabrication company should be able to make it look pretty good. Most stone companies will usually do something called a ‘slab layout’ with you if your stone has enough movement in it. If it is a consistent color throughout the whole slab, there is no need to do a slab layout.

How should Seams in Granite Look?

When placing the seams, keep in mind they are visible. The flow of the stone matching up will minimize the visibility of a seam, and a very tight seam also makes the difference between a good and a bad seam. If you are worried about your seams not looking right, make sure to inspect the tops after they are put in place, and before they are glued in. Once the seam is set, it’s set. It is extremely hard to break a seam apart without breaking the stone. Make sure the seams are flush, flat, and tight. If the stone is touching at the bottom of a seam and not the top, have the installer cut the stone at a slight angle on one of the pieces at the seam, allowing the top of the seam to be really tight. Any good installer should be able to do this.

Remember that seams are visible no matter how good of a job was done. Seamed areas are two pieces of rock glued together, so don’t expect any miracles. As long as you follow these easy guidelines, your kitchen will be beautiful. Flow is one of the most important factors in making granite tops look like they should.

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