4 Things To Know About Dubai Desert Safari 

Travelling is a trend that will never die, and you simply cannot resist it. Dubai is one of the most liberal countries located in Gulf. You simply can enjoy a lot of things here, taking your family to a trip here is must for sure. Here today I am sharing some important things with you, that you must know when you are travelling to Dubai. So let’s get started.


Only 8% of the total population here holds the Emirati, and the median age you will see here is the 27 years. Which means that millennial population here goes to the restaurants, beaches and bars most of the time. This is one of the best countries that you can go with your partner, or if you want you can also take your family with you on this vacation spot.

When You Should Go?

The best time of the year to go to Dubai is around in October and March. There are many reasons for that, as you must know Dubai is one of the hottest countries that you can go to, so make sure that you go here in a time when the temperature is under control. Also in these months you are able to enjoy many festivals. From the month of april and September desserts here in Dubai are extremely hot, which means that you cannot enjoy best time here. Another time to avoid is going in Ramadan, as this way you don’t have to skip anything here. In this month drinking, or eating in public is completely banned and if you are seen doing so you may be penalized also. After the Aftar you can eat in public, but all over this is not the best time for you to visit.


Official currency here is UAE dirham, after you arrive at the air port you can easily use any ATM to withdraw this currency. Also, exchanging any other currency here is also very easy to do.  Know that you can only use the local currency here, and you must keep exchange in your pocket all the time. 1 Dollar equals to around 3 Dirham here, the exchange rates are always changing so make sure that you check them before you are willing to do any kind of change.


You will surely love the available food items here, there is so much of variety here. You can choose from the local foods to the high star ones. The choice is completely yours. Dishes from here are popular all over the world. You can get almost everything here; every food item is available here. You can get better selection only at international restaurants. But tasting foods from the street shops is worth it.

Now you know a lot about the Dubai desert safari, make sure that you take your loved one or you whole family on this wonderful trip. As this all is a must have experience.

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