Taking the Necessary Steps to Protect Your Health: Does Sun Exposure Cause Premature Skin Aging?

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There are many elements which contribute to premature skin aging. Sun exposure is by far the most dangerous component of damaged skin, not only for middle-aged women and men but for persons of all ages.

Going outdoors and taking in the fresh air is touted as one of the best things you can do for your health. However, if you do not protect your skin, premature aging is only one ailment you will be dealing with as you grow older.

According to Yunique Medical, a Florida-based lifestyle and medical clinic, there are a number of factors, both within the body and outside your skin, which contribute to the way you look and feel.

The following four tips are helpful practices to add to your daily routine to avoid premature skin aging and protect yourself for years to come.

Always Use Sunscreen

Always put on sunscreen, even when the sun is hiding behind clouds. Choose a sunscreen that is labeled as a broad-spectrum and has an SPF over 20. This is the best protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Besides aging the skin, the intense sun could cause melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Additionally, you will need to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours while you are still out in the sun. Using as much as a shot glass full, reapply more often if you frequently perspire or take numerous dips in the water.

Give Your Skin a Gentle Touch

When using cleansing soaps, opt for the most gentle brand without perfumes, paraffin, and other ingredients which can be irritating to the skin. Avoid prolonged hot baths and showers as this type of water strips your skin of natural oils. These oils are needed to maintain healthy, good-looking skin. Limiting bathing to every other day is another way to maintain younger, healthier skin.

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Another activity to engage in as carefully as possible is shaving. Use a shaving gel or hair conditioner for optimum skin care. Make sure your razor is always sharp, never dull. And move the razor in the direction of the growing hair, never against. If at all possible, shave less often to avoid irritating the hair follicles and the surrounding skin.

Start From the Inside Out

Everyone knows that great looking skin starts on the inside. Eating veggies, fruits, and switching to whole grains, as well as lean proteins, can improve the look and feel of your skin. And when you feel better, you look better too.

Avoid greasy, processed, sugar-ladened foods. These clog your pores and cause more stress on different areas of your skin. Stress eating is typically bad for both inside and outside of your body.

More Sleep, Less Stress

Getting more sleep each night will help to calm the largest organ in your body; your skin. A deep, restorative sleep helps to remove the daily toxins the skin absorbs and accumulates as we go through everyday life. If you live an area where smog and other pollutants are high, using a gentle cleaner and getting a good night’s sleep each and every night will keep your skin fresh and clear.

Your skin has to last your entire life and taking care of it is the best way to make it last. When you maintain a healthy diet, use sunscreen, take care of your stress levels and get more sleep, your skin will become practically age-proof.

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