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Materials Used In The Treatment Of Teeth

In the treatment of teeth, there is usually a need if the most common disease – caries, or its complications (periodontitis or pulpitis) develops. Often, dental treatment is accompanied by treatment of periodontal gums and measures to prevent the spread of caries.

In modern dentistry, fillings of the following materials are used:

The composer is a durable and aesthetic material composer is well compatible with dental tissues which allows it to be used to restore dental defects of considerable size. Also from it can be made and dental crowns. Such a seal solidifies under the influence of light with a certain spectrum

Composite materials – used to treat the front teeth with concomitant cosmetic restoration. The seals of the composite are perfectly polished and have a wide palette of colors, which makes it as inconspicuous as possible;

Glass ionomer cement is a very strong material however it has only one color, therefore, it is used only for the treatment of distant teeth. Composites of chemical curing are used for chewing teeth.

The Most Common Dental Diseases

Caries. Its treatment is accompanied by the treatment of a carious hole, during which the affected tissue is removed, and the formed cavity is etched for good contact with the fill material. At the bottom of the cavity is placed a gasket that preserves the pulp of the tooth, in the case of deep caries, this pad contains calcium hydroxide, which promotes the formation of a “secondary” dentin. In addition, the presence of hydroxide contributes to the additional protection of the tooth. At the end of the treatment, a seal is placed, which is subjected to grinding and polishing after the installation.

Pulpitis. Complicated caries, in which the nerve of the affected tooth is inflamed, is treated by removing the nerve, followed by a deep filling of the tooth canal throughout its entire length. When pulpitis patient suffers acute throbbing pain, for this reason, the treatment consists of two stages. On the first one a canal is treated, the pulp of which is inflamed, and the second one is sealed.

This technology allows excluding the possibility of inflammation after the termination of the filling. During the preparation of root canal, they dentists in Dubai use the help of special instruments.

Periodontitis. the treatment method is the same as in the treatment of pulpitis, only here the treatment period is much longer. This is due to the inflammatory process affecting the tissues around the affected tooth.

With a strong damage to a sick tooth, treatment can be accompanied by its restoration, for which the same light-curing materials are used, and not the dental crown, as it was before. In this case, for additional strength, the area to be restored is reinforced with a fiberglass or metal pin.


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