Your Son Or Daughter From Sexting

Daughter Sexting

What Can Be Done To Prevent Your Son Or Daughter From Sexting

In several investigations, some alarming data about teenager sexting have been revealed. Sexting definitely seems to be the popular craze involving youths and it is an alarmingly risky craze. Sexting-definition: whenever a person takes a nude or semi-nude video or photo of their selves and/or some other particular person and transmits it to some people with their cell phone or other text messaging gadget.

The best way of recognizing any problems with your son or daughter is to connect with them, being aware of what your child is doing and paying attention because technology has a tendency to move faster than the laws that oversee it.

The motivation for teenagers to sext is really similar to the other pursuits in a young person’s everyday life, romantic endeavors and socialization. The figures are different based on which researches are being conducted. Inside a research done by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy discovered that teens who have confessed to sexting or sending sexually suggestive messages or nude or seminude pictures, 69 percent posted the communications to a girlfriend/boyfriend. While 39 % sexted to a person they had dated and 30 percent had sexted to people that they hoped to date. In fact, 38 percent of the teenagers state that exchanging racy content helps them make dating or hooking up much more likely along with twenty nine percent claiming that the process encourages an expectation of dating or hooking up.

 Daughter Sexting

This issue is simply not disappearing, and this is one of the grave issues for youths and the families. The teenagers have already been sentenced, got probation and in the most horrible case was a suicide for the reason that the young person couldn’t cope with the effects from the sexting episode.

Officially, there is a grey area in regards to the issue of whether sexting is against the law. There isnot any legal classification for sexting. States across the nation are employing child pornography regulations intended for people who send and receive child pornography or pedophiles. In utilizing these types of laws and regulations the punishment for sending and receiving racy texts for minors is severe. Regarding receiving a text that wasn’t intended for you, merely having it on your device can bring the involvement of law enforcement.

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