What Is Bath Salts And Bath Salts Abuse

Bath Salts Abuse

When most people hear about bath salts, they usually never associate them with bath salts abuse. The truth is that bath salts have been added to the list of designer drugs. Bath salts, also go by the name plant food, offer a stimulant-like effect. In fact, the stimulant is quite powerful and delivers a sense of euphoria to those who abuse bath salts. At a serious level, bath salts abusers need to have a substance abuse treatment and recovery plan to get rid of this addiction.

Bath salt abuse is growing at an alarming rate, and this is because they are legal in the US, which is not surprising since the intent behind designer drugs is to evade some of the drug laws. Here’s one of the problems, to find bath salts, simply look online or at head shops for other designer drugs as this is where bath salts can be found.

Tucked nicely right next to the synthetic marijuana will sit the bath salts, making them a prime target for bath salt abuse. Bath salts are made using the chemicals methylenedioxypyrovalerone, mephedrone, and methylone. Here’s another problem, these chemicals have been banned by the DEA for possession or sales, but bath salts are still readily available. This makes bath salts abuse even more deadly. It is primarily young adults and teens that are engaging in bath salts abuse. It is also relatively inexpensive to buy packs of bath salts.

The side effects of abusing bath salts are very troublesome. On the very simplest level, they mirror those from the use of cocaine or amphetamines, but bath salt abuse noticeably causes extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. Even worse, bath salt abuse can and has caused deaths. Bath salts abuse deaths are attributed to the ingredient methylenedioxypyrovalerone, they can cause overdose, and some deaths are also blamed on suicide from the paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis that is brought on by bath salts abuse.

Abusing bath salts consists of snorting, smoking, injecting intravenously, or orally ingesting the fine white powdery substance. The biggest misconception surrounding bath salts abuse and other designer drugs is that they are harmless because they can be purchased legally. The truth is that lawmakers just haven’t gotten around to regulating these drugs or monitoring their effects. The DEA acknowledges that bath salts are not associated at all with any type of bath or spa product at all and that the chemicals in bath salts are extremely dangerous and often fatal. It is also common for people that abuse bath salts to hallucinate to the point where they see demons, aliens, or dead bodies that are not there.

As a result of bath salts abuse, the number of calls to the American Association of Poison Control has increased dramatically, and there have been reported deaths too. The abusers can even engage in self-harm and suicide. This is just the beginning of what we could see from bath salts abuse and other designer drug abuse. People, especially teens, forget that they can only die one time, and abusing bath salts can very well result in death. The bath salts abusers need a full substance abuse treatment and recovery plan to stop abusing bath salts or other designer drugs.

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