Basic rules of insurance

In the network on thematic forums, you can often meet questions from drivers why OSAGO does not insure trucks to complain. If the insurer refuses to provide such a service, it can be concluded that these are unscrupulous organizations or scammers.

The bulk of insurance companies OSAGO on a lorry to an individual offers quite favorable conditions for insurance Owners of such vehicles have the right to use a variety of profitable shares, reduced tariffs for insurance, as well as discounts, which makes the process of registration as profitable as possible. A distinctive feature of insurance documents intended for trucks is to protect not only the car itself but also the transported goods. In the event of an accident, large trucks are rare when serious damage occurs. For this reason, their repair is much cheaper, even if the accident occurred because of the truck driver. For this reason, tariffs that are accepted and established by insurance companies for trucks are lower when compared to similar rates for passenger cars. Owners of these cars are perfectly familiar with this, accordingly, they easily and quickly carry out insurance of their cargo vehicle. Higher tariffs are relevant only for modern minibusses and vans. The highest rates are set for cars that belong to the category of refrigerated trailers. Such vehicles as trailers, tractors, and semi-trailers are insured at a fairly low cost.

The risks included in the policy

When drawing up an MTPL policy for a truck it is required to conclude an agreement with one of the insurance companies. The document should indicate all the possible risks that fully or partially cover insurance in the event of a difficult event.

Here are the most common factors included in the list of risks:

  • Despite the fact that the cargo transport has quite large dimensions, despite the presence of some difficulties associated with their theft, they steal the car quite often.
  • Wear of freight transport.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Damage from the vandals.

As in any insurance contract, the rule is here that the more online truck insurance items are indicated in the document, the higher will be the final cost of the policy, but it is worth it.

Online Trucks Insurance in the company OSAGO – is a guarantee of return of funds in the event of a difficult situation.

Direct compensation for the damage can occur if the person has two important conditions simultaneously.

The first is that at the time of the incident on the road, material damage was caused only by the property of the insured individual or legal entity.

The second point concerns the fact that no more than two vehicles took part in the accident. In this case, both drivers must have MTPL insurance.

Parked trucks

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