Tips To Sleep Better When You Have Back Pain

Many people with back pain suffer at bedtime and this makes the recovery process difficult because during sleep your tissues regenerate. The first thing I want to share with you in this regard is something important and it is that changing your mattress can relieve your back pain, in some cases, completely.

Many experts agree that mattresses should be changed on average every 5 to 7 years, but this depends a lot on quality, use and the person. If your mattress is ‘double-sided’, you can simply try to flip it upside down, so that the side you sleep on is facing down.

If your mattress is one-sided, you can try turning it, so that the place where you put your head is the place where you put your feet. But if none of these works, and you have a lot of time without changing it, you may need to invest in a mattress.

Which mattress should I buy?

Most people benefit from a firm one, but not too hard. The idea is that it is comfortable and you can sleep well without sinking. New polyurethane foam materials and/or latex layers are ideal in this regard. You can buy something of quality as it is an investment for your health. An alternative to buying a new mattress is to buy a topper for the mattress.

What is the best way to sleep if your back hurts?

In principle, it is difficult to tell you how to sleep, because if you are used to sleeping in a specific position, your body will naturally look for it at some point in the night, and the idea is that you can sleep as easy and as long as possible. Here are some suggestions according to how you sleep right now;

If you are unable to sleep and move with extreme pain, there are plenty of wheelchairs options on the market that can be used along with other treatments.


This is the ideal position, but by using a pillow between your legs. If you want to get your body used to sleeping in this position, you can try a long pillow between your legs. This will help prevent you from turning from side to side. If you can, you can also use an ergonomic pillow for your neck.

Face Up

This is the ‘second ideal position’ for those who have back pain or who snore. If you cannot escape this posture, then place a long pillow under your knees or a rolled up blanket.


It is not the ideal position, but if you cannot sleep otherwise, place a pillow under the lower abdomen. If you can sleep with a small pillow or no pillow under your head, it will be better.

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