5 Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home


Some people, despite brushing their teeth several times a day have teeth stains. It can be because of their habit of drinking excessive tea/ coffee or even smoking. Having yellow teeth can be troublesome. Firstly, it creates a bad impact on every person you meet. Yellow teeth look unhygienic and can ward away people from your company. Secondly, they can lead to more problems like unhealthy gums, thin enamel and poor dental health. Until the issue is as serious as gingivitis, whitening the teeth can prevent you from having bad dental health.

People say white teeth equals to a healthy mouth. There are various home remedies that can help naturally whiten the teeth. First is important to understand why teeth turn yellow?

Teeth start losing their color and turn yellow and sometimes even brown due to the stain on them. The enamel prevents the tooth from the bacteria attack. Once the enamel starts to become thinner, the dentin, which is a pale brown substance found below the enamel, becomes open to bacteria attack. Sometimes it is because of the dental erosion- which results from the chronic loss if hard tissue. And sometimes it is because of the unhealthy habits that result in gum disease.

5 Natural Ways To Whiten The Teeth

  1. Brushing after meal.

The best way to whiten your teeth at home is to brush your teeth properly. Food that are acidic like wine can leave stains on the teeth. Brushing properly after the meals means making sure that no stain remains on the teeth and also prevents bacteria attack on the teeth.

  1. Baking Soda and hydrogen Peroxide

A mix of hydrogen peroxide with small amount of baking soda can be made into a paste to help remove plaque from teeth. To get better results, it is better to brush the teeth first. Baking soda is a rough substance and can be too harsh for the teeth, hence should be mixed with adequate hydrogen peroxide before scrubbing it on the teeth.

  1. Coconut oil Pulling

Best dentist say that coconut oil is very helpful for the teeth. The process is very simple. Add a spoonful of coconut oil in the mouth and swish it around for five to ten minutes and then spit it. Another way it can be used is adding a few drops of it on the toothbrush before brushing. You can even take it on a piece of cloth and rub it on the teeth to see the effect.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works effectively as a natural antibiotic and teeth cleaner. It can be used to remove stains from the teeth. It contains compound like acetic acid, potassium which kills germs and foster the growth of good bacteria.

  1. Lemon or Orange peel

Similar to apple cider, lemon and orange peel contain beneficial acids that help in whitening of the teeth. The food overall has benefiting effect on the body buy high acid content can wear away the enamel which makes the consumption of the food not good for the oral health.

These options are way better and safer than putting chemicals inside the mouth. To make them more effective, try making a homemade whitener recipe with baking soda, lemon and berries and have shiny teeth.

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