5 Fun Activities to Do When Visiting San Diego

Visiting San Diego

Take a few hours for fun the next time you visit San Diego on business. You’ll find a range of fun activities in San Diego that are perfect for an afternoon or evening. Here are five suggestions to help you get inspired.

1. Rent a Yacht for Fun Activities in San Diego on the Water

If you have friends who live in or around San Diego, hosting a yacht party can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. You’ll find plenty of options for yacht rental in San Diego, and it’s the perfect way to see the coastline. Watch a sunset, enjoy a drink with friends and relax after a busy day in meetings or at a conference. You can search online to find a yacht charter in San Diego that fits your schedule.

2. Enjoy the San Diego Nightlife

Visit the nightclubs and restaurants or take in a show while you’re in town. If yacht rentals aren’t for you, consider a party bus rental for your friends to come along. One of the best reasons to rent a party bus is so you don’t have to worry about navigating unfamiliar streets. Plus, all your friends can come along in one ride. Just look for a “party bus rental near me” and you’ll find a list of companies in your area.

3. Take a Scenic Drive Along the Coast

San Diego offers some spectacular scenery that you can enjoy with a nice drive along the coastline. Make it even more special by renting your dream car. Find a Ferrari rental or BMW rental for your excursion. Just imagine how relaxing or exciting the trip can be in Maserati from San Diego. You can rent a Ferrari for the afternoon or make it a day trip. The famous 59-Mile Scenic Drive takes you through the city’s neighborhoods and downtown to see interesting attractions and mesmerizing views of the coastline. Just imagine how much more exciting it will be when you rent a Ferrari in San Diego for the trip.

4. Take a Walking Tour of the City

If you want to get an up close and personal view of this city, sign up for a walking tour. There’s a tour for every type of tourist, including scavenger hunts for a little extra excitement. Imagine what a tour named Brothels, Bites and Booze in the Gaslamp Quarter could offer. Or you might favor Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones in Old Town. Get your exercise as you visit places like Balboa Park, Coronado or Downtown.

5. Enjoy a Game

Take in a game with the San Diego Padres at Petco Park as you check out some of the best eateries in the city and local craft beer. If baseball doesn’t hold your interest, you’ll find indoor soccer as well as international soccer tournaments and rugby, ice hockey and more. For those who prefer to get involved rather than watch, practice your golf swing at one of the more than 90 golf courses in the area or go mountain biking. You can even try rock climbing if you are an adventurer.

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