4 Lash Trends Continuing Through 2019

Lash Trends

We’re only a quarter of the way into 2019, but lash trends have already grown and changed so much this year. Today’s beautiful lashes are more accessible than ever, too! Completely natural, human hair eyelashes are commonly found at many beauty boutiques and salons. Plus, they can last for a very long time. But not all lash styles are created equal. Let’s delve into a few trends that continue to be popular, alongside the always popular lash lifts, as 2019 goes on.

1. Short, Full Lashes

“The longer the better” no longer seems to be the go-to mantra for false eyelash wearers. Short yet dense lashes achieve a dramatic effect without dramatic length. Plus, these lashes are easier to care for as well. You can get away with wearing them without any eyeliner or mascara, and you’ll wake up looking like you just walked off the runway.

2. Natural-looking Lashes Against Dewy Skin

A natural makeup look is very much still in for 2019 and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. With that, it seems like lash trends are also leaning to the natural side of things. Many women in 2019 choose brown lashes over black, to more accurately match their natural hair color. Doing so just adds to the “natural” feel of the eyelashes.

If you can pull off a high-gloss, dewy makeup look paired with natural-looking false lashes, you are ahead of the game! Combining a minimalistic look with the convenience of false eyelashes is a winning pair.

3. Textured, Strip-Looking Lashes

We might have the Kardashians to thank for bringing this look into the spotlight. This look highlights the uneven and imperfect, utilizing lashes of different lengths and textures. The great news about this look is that you can use super-light false lashes. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing any at all! This look might be less natural in appearance than some other alternatives, but its textured, feathery appearance is sure to draw some positive attention.

4. Colored Statement Lashes

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum of lash trends, there are bold, colored lashes. We’re not talking about 100% neon green lashes—the ideal colored lash trend of 2019 still has a dark, natural base color, with flecks of bright colors within the lashes themselves. This option makes a statement without being too loud.

Plus, it’s a cute, imaginative way to accessorize, just like choosing a fun pair of shoes or earrings. Many wearers of this trend have minimal makeup on the rest of their face. This way, the lashes truly have a chance to stand out.

Need A Change When It Comes To Your Lashes?

If your eyelashes have never been as full as you’d like them to be, the truth is that there are no at-home remedies that will work as well or as quickly as getting false lashes. Getting your lashes professionally done saves you from hurting yourself and it is more cost-efficient, as you will be spending money on longer-wearing lashes that will look good the first time they are put on. Whereas, with buying your own false lashes, there’s no guarantee they will turn out looking good.

Trusting professionals is the way to go if you are looking for guaranteed results and quick application.

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