3 Steps to Help Your Kitchen Redesign Started

Kitchen Redesign

How exciting, you have decided to embark on a kitchen redesign. Of course, being one of the most important spaces of a home it deserves your attention on the details. No need to find this journey daunting, as taking a few steps prior to ripping out cabinets and tearing down walls will help ensure it is a rewarding experience. One tip before you get started, take a few pictures of your existing kitchen so you can see and share the transformation. Ready to begin? Here are the top three steps to help you get started.

Figured Out Your Budget

First and foremost, before you jump into a kitchen redesign, it is essential that you calculate out what your budget is and stick to it. According to the National Association of Realtors® the national average cost of a complete kitchen renovation is $65,000. Regardless of whether you can afford more or less than this, you can make significant changes in your redesign that will please you and add to the value of your home. It is also important to remember to stay within your budget — no sense in going into debt to realize your dream kitchen. If necessary, you can ease the financial drain by taking the project in stages instead of all at once.

Consider Your Layout

Unfortunately, unless you have more than enough money to throw into your kitchen redesign, it is best to stay within the layout of your existing kitchen, with a few exceptions. Changing the position of appliances, cabinets, and countertops may not require a substantial amount of renovation, whereas, the removal and installation of walls, electricity, and plumbing will necessitate quite a bit more work and may include licensed professionals.

Choose Your Vision

In all the excitement of a kitchen, a redesign can send your creative self into overdrive. That’s okay, but you will need to choose your vision before incorporating your elements. There are a few useful methods to narrowing down the overwhelming options in appliances, countertops, lighting fixtures and cabinet materials available today. Not to mention, there is an overabundance of colors and textures for your flooring, backsplash, and walls.

One method is to utilize the internet, search out well-know home design magazine websites and see what they recommend, scour Pinterest boards and other social media for inspiration. If you find that surfing the web is leaving you needing a bit more inspiration for your plans, visit your local home improvement stores. Finding kitchen components and hardware is made simpler when you can actually see and touch them.

Completing the above steps will provide you the foundation from which you can start redesigning your kitchen. Remember along the way that surprises can and do occur when it comes to a remodel. If something does go awry on you, do not get discouraged, as this could present a learning experience and may require you to adjust your plans. When in doubt consider seeking out the advice of a specialist or professional.

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