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To spotlight the stomach by taking hundreds of sit-ups is not possible. To get flat stomach, you need to exercise both fitness and strength, and adjust the diet.

– A strong stomach can prevent back pain and give you better posture. If you have any extra pounds around the waist that you want to remove, you need to look over your energy bill, “says training expert at VG’s Weight Club Anne Matte Rust den.She teaches at Norway’s sports college and holds a doctorate in strength training. She is also an educated physiotherapist and personal trainer.

“In order to lose weight, the body must be in energy deficiency so that it fades on the fat layers,” she says.


This is best done by emphasizing exercise focusing on large muscle groups and high energy consumption. See beginners further down the page!

– Take active choices in everyday life. In addition, I recommend that you exercise fitness and that you do strength exercises focusing on large muscle groups, such as legs, back and chest, “she says.

Rustad has put together a simple belly and back program that will give you stronger core muscles.

Gastric and back programs

Here are six different exercises that can be easily done at home on the floor. Make between 8-12 repetitions in two or three series. Exercise the exercises in calm and controlled pace.

  1. Diagonal traction

Starting position: Stand on all four. Place your palms just under your shoulders and knees just below the hip joint. Keep your back straight by pulling the navel toward the spine and keep this tension throughout the exercise.

How to do: Pull the right leg back until it is at the height with your hips. Pull the opposite arm forward. The focus should be on stretching as long as you can, not lifting horizontally. Keep your eyes fixed in the floor slightly obliquely. Hold the stretch for approx. 3 seconds and before arm and leg return to initial position. Do the same with the opposite leg and arm.

Heavier: Place hands and knees completely to each other to make the exercise more difficult. Smaller support surfaces make greater demands on the stabilization muscles.

  1. Reverse crunch

Starting position: Sit on the mat with weight towards the tailbone and slightly bent knees. Hold your hands wide to the legs or placed in the cross on your chest.

Here’s how to do: Pull the nipple and slowly roll your back down to the floor, swirl for swirl. Stop the movement when you no longer manage to hold the tension or just before the shoulders hit the floor. Lift your body up and repeat.

Avoid swaying by pulling the navel in, pushing your lower back down to the floor and tilting the pelvis up (tail between legs).

Heavier: Place your feet closer to the body. Place arms in the cross on the chest.

  1. Hoftehev with legs

Starting position: Lie on the back with your feet in the floor, bent knees and arms stretched down the body.

Here’s how to do: Lift your hips so you get tight in your body from your knees to your shoulders. Stretch one leg and hold the balance for a few seconds before placing the leg in the floor and slowly lower the body down to the mat. If you want to do the exercise heavier, lower your body on one leg, one or more repetitions before you change.

Heavier: Put your arms in the cross on your chest, then you get less support and work more to keep your body stable. You can also place your feet in the floor further away from the body.

  1. Plank with knee pull

Starting position: Stand on toes and elbows.

How to do: Pull the navel in, keep your back naturally straight and the rest of the body tight. Hold the position while slowly pushing a knee to the side and pulling it up towards the elbow. Keep your back down and your body straight. If you know that your lower back sway, stop the exercise right away or put your knees in the floor. Look down in the floor throughout the exercise so that the neck is in the natural extension of the spine. Keep your leg calm back and repeat on the other side.

Easier: Keep regular planks as long as you manage to keep your back straight, alternatively set your knees in the floor. Drop the ridge with any knee.

Heavier: Slide the weight backwards so that the elbows are farther forward than shoulder height.

  1. Bensenk «cycling»

Starting position: Lie with your back on the mat and lift your knees up from the floor so you have 90 degrees in both hip joint and knee joint.

How to do: Press the back of the back against the mat and keep the full contact through the whole exercise. Cancel if your back slips. Pull out a leg and lower it to the floor. The other leg is held in the bow with the knee over the hip. Bike alternate with your legs while holding your back against the ground.

Heavier: Keep your legs tight. Instead of bicycle movements, there are case movements.

  1. Side marker bone

Starting position: Lie on the back and stretch your arms to the side with your palms down into the floor. Lift your knees until they are straight over the hip. Keep both shoulders in the floor throughout the exercise and the legs together.

To do this: Start pulling the navel, lower your knees to the side, think you should slow down your stomach muscles so that your legs slowly lower to the floor. Lift your knees up again by pushing the lower back into the mat and repeat to the opposite side. Slow motion on the road down, faster and explosively.

Heavier: Stretch out your legs or place your arms in the cross on your chest to get less support.

Diet eliminates the kilos

It may be much easier to cut calories in your daily diet than to exercise hard every day.

To lose half a kilo in body fat in a week, you must have a loss of 3500 kcal. That means 500 kcal less per. day.500 kcal corresponds to a food amount consisting of two slices of pinch bread, a small buttercup (1 tablespoon), a slice of yellow cheese, a slice of cooked ham, liver postage enough for a slice and a small glass of light milk.

Switch to two crispbread, a slice of light vegetable margarine (1/2 ss), a slice of lighter yellow cheese (16% fat versus 27%), a slice of hamburger spine, lean liver oil and a glass of skim milk, cut the calorie amount to 250 kcal.”If you are overweight (BMI 40 or more), you may want to recommend dietary changes in advance of hard workout, as your body needs a more moderate transition.

No diet can give you a stronger heart, greater beat volume, better fitness and better muscle strength, which is important for your physical form and health.

– In the long term, exercise is very important to improve your physical form. But exercise does not have to be freaky sessions with blood in your mouth. Increased everyday emotion, active choices, awareness and easy physical activity can be more than good enough for most people.

Research shows that exercise combined with weight reduction is the most effective way to get better health.

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