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Enjoy! in the Toolbox section of Houston Business Journal (27 November 2008)
"This book's message can be incorporated into every facet of life."

Read advice from A Survival Guide to Working with Bad Bosses in "Coach bawling out medalist shows bad boss behavior" Wilmington News Journal (26 August 2008)

Joyce Lain Kennedy, syndicated career columnist, recommends Disagreements, Disputes and All-Out War

Read my article "Take Emotion Out of Conflict Resolution" in February 2008's issue of T&D Training and Development

Bob Rosner, "Working Wounded" syndicated columnist recommends Disagreements, Disputes and All-Out War

Disagreements, Disputes and All-Out War in the Bookmark section of the Orlando Business Journal (24 January 2008)

AORN Journal reviews A Survival Guide to Managing Employees from Hell in their January 2008 issue "Novice and experienced managers of one or more employees can use this guide as a reference to quickly identify problems and find possible solutions."

I spoke to Anita Bruzzese, "On the Job" syndicated columnist, about conflicts and other issues from Disagreements, Disputes and All-Out War.

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The following article appeared recently and is available for republication, as long as you provide full credit and include the bio with links at the end - How to Be Happy in Your Work.

Here's a video featuring clips from speaking and media appearances.