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Gini Graham Scott has developed a series of columns called "Work It Right!" dealing with improving relationships in the workplace based on her books: Disagreements,
Disputes, and All Out War; A Survival Guide for Working with Humans; A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses; and A Survival Guide to Managing Employees from Hell, which have Web sites at and

Each column is approximately 700 words and features a problem or issue at work, some submitted by readers, followed by a discussion of what to do.  It concludes with take-away tips, which you can include or not, depending on space for the column. 

Here are a few samples.  Contact us for additional samples and to set up a regular weekly or occasional column for your newspaper, magazine, newsletter, e-zine, or blog.  There is no charge if you want to use 1 or 2 of these and provide complete bio and credit information; then you can work out arrangements with us for continuing the series.  We are also looking for national or international syndication for these columns. 
         #1 - Learning to Let 'Em Go      PDF   Word

         #2 - Watch Out for Confidences    PDF    Word

         #3 - When a Great Communicator Isn't    PDF   Word

         #4 - Watch Out for the Eggshells   PDF   Word

         #5 - When Sweet Revenge Isn't So Sweet   PDF   Word

         #6 - Don't Fight - Find Out!    PDF   Word

         #7 - Don't Resign Yourself - Redesign Yourself   PDF   Word

         #8 - Be a Problem Solver - Theirs, Not Yours   PDF   Word

         #9 - When You're Not in the Family   PDF   Word

         #10 - Beating the Recommendation Game   PDF   Word